Meet Elle 🦋

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How To Induce Labor Naturally. 14 Quotes From Real Moms.

Hey BR family!! I am currently 39 weeks pregnant and I am totally ready to meet my baby girl. So, I figured I would dip my swollen toes into some natural labor induction hacks! I thought it would be fun to ask mom’s, I know, what they did to get things going in their final weeks of pregnancy. Here are 14 real quotes from real moms! Remember to check with your Dr before you try anything you are unsure of. Enjoy!!

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6 Pregnancy Symptoms I Didn’t Expect

When you first get pregnant you are aware of the fact that you are about to suffer some pretty strange new things within your body. You imagine the usual; nausea, cute morning sickness, maybe being extra tired? You are mostly counting the seconds until your little bump grows large enough to feel kicks!! Baby kicks are the best part of pregnancy – hands down hahah. I found, however, that while I did experience the “expected” symptoms… I also experienced symptoms I had never read about! I was so taken aback by these symptoms that they actually made me worry enough to go to the Dr. While some symptoms were not so surprising – others were so odd that I couldn’t even find anything on the internet about them being connected to pregnancy. Here are 6 pregnancy symptoms I did not expect!

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20 Christmas Tag Questions!

20 Christmas Tag Questions Challenge! It’s softly snowing outside, dinner is in the oven, and I’m cuddled up in a blanket with my baby bump! I thought it was the perfect moment to do something festive!! 🎄❄️ I will be tagging some of my favorite blogger friends at the end of this challenge. So, be sure to visit their blogs to checkout their 20 Christmas questions. Enjoy BR family!!! And have an amazing Holiday – no matter how you celebrate!!

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Be Able To Be Happy For Others

It’s going to be Christmas soon and I’ve really been thinking hard on something. Have you ever found yourself comparing your life to those around you? I know I have! Even when life is SO GOOD. Social media really makes it so easy to feel bad about yourself haha. Edward always tells me “Look at us even! We only post the highlights of our lives… not the bad real stuff.” Which is so true! Except for you guys – lol you get to hear the bad real stuff.

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