So tonight we had a meeting with our mortgage broker (Ben) Edward and I were both so nervous. We had a lot of paperwork we had to track down before the meeting, but luckily we had everything that we needed. The building was so fancy and big, I have never been in an office space like this before. They had a glass cooler in the waiting room with FREE beverages. Everything was so expensive looking and all that glamour made the fast approach to Ben’s office even more intimidating.
When we got inside he was a really clean cut little man and he sat us down, he looked through all our stuff. Edward dropped a bunch of papers because he was nervous haha we were so awkward. Everything went by fine though, we were pre approved for a rather large budget! I don’t why we were SO nervous, I think we just were afraid that we messed up somewhere along the line or that we just couldn’t afford anything right now. But everything went by PERFECTLY, we kept it cool till we got outside haha but the second we got to the car we did a little dance and freaked out with joy!

Afterwards, we just went to Target and Chipotle…… Edward squeezed my hand so hard and looked me so deeply in the eyes that for a minute I thought I saw my whole future flash through them in only a couple minutes. They were so dark and loving…I knew we would always be ok.





I can’t believe it but Edward is moving from his little studio! He has been living there for 2 years now and even though it’s not much it was home for him. We made that little place so cozy and finding it for him was one of our first adventures together. However, it has to happen! It’s for our future and we are so excited!

So basically what is happening right now is that we are trying to buy a house, and we are trying to find one in the next 3-4 months. Since his lease is up in December it is better that he doesn’t renew, that left us a huge problem! Where will he live till we find “the” house?

Luckily my dad’s best friend (Chris) is a landlord. Chris owns a bunch of shore apartments at Hampton Beach NH and he is letting Edward stay there for as long as we need for only $750 a month. WHoooHoo! It’s going to be a tiny little place but we are going to stack Edward’s furniture in there as best we can and hopefully find a nice home very very soon.

Sadly this puts Edward 45 minutes away from me! 😦 But it is temporary and we will make this work, and hopefully it all goes by fast.

I will update you with pictures of us moving, and of his temporary beach house!

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Thanks for the views 

So this is my first experience using WordPress and I really love the format! It’s so cool to see all the different countries that your views are coming from! Thanks so much for reading the long first post …. Hahah sorry. But!! Now the fun begins 🙂 I would love to know what country you are from, please feel free to comment and tell me ❤️ ok booboos ✌🏼️ oh and go follow this blog as welll! 🙂

My First Blog Post

100_0187So first off I am not a writer so I ask that while you read this you bare in mind that I am just a regular girl sharing her experience as best she can haha. However, I will try and keep out those terrible “u’s” “your’s” and “i’s” …. No texting language here! Time to become an adult woman!

Anyways now that we have gotten past that let me give you a little background and ease you into the reason why I am starting this blog. The photo posted above was the first photo my love and I had taken together, this was our first date together. I was 18 and he was 23. Little did we know we were about to embark on a 3-year long distance relationship.

I was very innocent having grown up in a free methodist home. To me, Edward was everything that was cool, sexy, and amazing. He was an established artist who ran his own clothing line, a hero to me since I was just a young aspiring graphic designer back then. In those days our biggest obstacle was our distance from each other, having met completely by chance we ended up having to have our relationship through text, skype, and phone calls. It wasn’t an easy road but we both knew it was worth it for our relationship. In 2011 long distance relationships were extremely taboo, there were no long distance communities or anything like that back then. Even some of my own “friends” doubted my relationship and doubted that we would “work out.”

The love Edward and I share has always been doubted and underestimated by some of the people around us, and in every case we have proved them wrong. From 2011 till now in 2015 we are stronger than ever. In 2013, Edward moved to New Hampshire, and we have been working extremely hard for our goals.

Edward is the reason for this blog…. He has changed my life in every single way. These are the years I am never going to want to forget. I want to document these years, they are so precious. We will never experience anything like this again. Join us as we buy our first home, struggle through our careers, start a business, plan our wedding, and begin our lives together as man and wife.

Anyways after all that chatter I hope you have a better picture of what this blog is all about and I really hope you stick with us and see what happens! 🙂 Thank you so much for joining my journey! I do plan to make some videos at some point so you guys can meet us. Thank you!