I can’t believe it but Edward is moving from his little studio! He has been living there for 2 years now and even though it’s not much it was home for him. We made that little place so cozy and finding it for him was one of our first adventures together. However, it has to happen! It’s for our future and we are so excited!

So basically what is happening right now is that we are trying to buy a house, and we are trying to find one in the next 3-4 months. Since his lease is up in December it is better that he doesn’t renew, that left us a huge problem! Where will he live till we find “the” house?

Luckily my dad’s best friend (Chris) is a landlord. Chris owns a bunch of shore apartments at Hampton Beach NH and he is letting Edward stay there for as long as we need for only $750 a month. WHoooHoo! It’s going to be a tiny little place but we are going to stack Edward’s furniture in there as best we can and hopefully find a nice home very very soon.

Sadly this puts Edward 45 minutes away from me! 😦 But it is temporary and we will make this work, and hopefully it all goes by fast.

I will update you with pictures of us moving, and of his temporary beach house!

“Go to the bottom of the site a click follow to see what happens next xoxox”-Katie




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