So tonight we had a meeting with our mortgage broker (Ben) Edward and I were both so nervous. We had a lot of paperwork we had to track down before the meeting, but luckily we had everything that we needed. The building was so fancy and big, I have never been in an office space like this before. They had a glass cooler in the waiting room with FREE beverages. Everything was so expensive looking and all that glamour made the fast approach to Ben’s office even more intimidating.
When we got inside he was a really clean cut little man and he sat us down, he looked through all our stuff. Edward dropped a bunch of papers because he was nervous haha we were so awkward. Everything went by fine though, we were pre approved for a rather large budget! I don’t why we were SO nervous, I think we just were afraid that we messed up somewhere along the line or that we just couldn’t afford anything right now. But everything went by PERFECTLY, we kept it cool till we got outside haha but the second we got to the car we did a little dance and freaked out with joy!

Afterwards, we just went to Target and Chipotle…… Edward squeezed my hand so hard and looked me so deeply in the eyes that for a minute I thought I saw my whole future flash through them in only a couple minutes. They were so dark and loving…I knew we would always be ok.



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