So you think it’s tough?

Whenever I think life is hard for me I try to think about what other people are going through now. Or what other people have gone through in the past. As humans, we have always had to struggle to survive on this earth. I can’t believe people had to build their homes from logs at one time, on this very land I live on. Or that my ancestors were even lucky to have an education, never mind the other blessings I have been granted in my life.

I suppose it’s not really fair to compare one man’s struggle to another’s. At the end of the day, our lives are relevant to us. We all have battles we are fighting.

In modern day America, I feel as though we are under the impression that  life should be perfect. That we should have that “nice thing” whether we can afford it or not. Somehow we deserve “it.” Life isn’t perfect, you struggle before you succeed. Just as our forefathers did before us. Without their struggle, where would you be today?

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The warmest blizzard


I’ve been gone for a while…Life has been hard… it felt as though Christmas forgot us this year, or maybe we forgot it?

I was so excited to come on this blog and tell you that we had signed a purchase and sales on the condo of our dreams. Everything was going great. We couldn’t believe our dreams were all coming true. It looked as though Edward didn’t have to move to Hampton Beach after all.

12/18/15 We learned that we could not afford the condo we had signed for. Our mortgage broker had led us on to believe we could afford something that was, in reality, way over our budget. I was so stupid to tell all my friends that we had signed on the house and that we were going to be moving in January 22nd (Our closing date). I had to go back to each friend and tell them that it was no longer possible.

Not only did we learn that we couldn’t afford the condo of our dreams, we also learned that our dream budget was a bust. We have to buy something much much smaller. An affordable Garden style home.

So we are back exactly where we had started 2 months ago, searching. Luckily our amazing realtor got our $1,000 deposit back to us…… we could have lost that too. Through all the pain and tears we are finally accepting the evident truth. That no matter how hard you work for something, and no matter how many rules you follow…… it’s always going to be a journey. Nothing comes easily, so we have decided not to care, we don’t care if our stuff isn’t new and shiny. We don’t care if our house is small and old. We  will live within our means, and we will survive because of that.

I’ve definitely been stress eating, I feel the weight inching back around my belly. I need to stop stressing out so much and just relax. It’s Christmas…Edward and I exchanged our small gifts last night. 🙂 It was nice to have some time to get our mind off of things.

Edward’s last day at his apartment is 12/31/15 and then he will have to move to Hampton Beach. 45 minutes away from me. We had only my car between us, so we were planning on doing crazy driving shifts. However, my car has a really bad oil leak. The fix was estimated at $1,500, which right now is impossible. There was no way my car could have handled that much driving. luckily, tonight was a Christmas MIRACLE. We found a beater car for Edward that was really inexpensive and running in good condition! Finally a light at the end of the tunnel.

The car is a 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe, it is so ugly on the exterior. It is missing a door handle and has terrible scratches and marks all over it. We just laugh together, because 2 or 3 years ago we would have thought the car was gross. We don’t care about that stupidity anymore. Fuck what people say or think, we love the Santa Fe because it will get us from A to B, and because of that we feel like royalty tonight.

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A true friend


Are you lucky enough to have a friend who you can really relate to? Sometimes you meet people who you call your friends who really don’t even care about you ….Or you just can’t really relate to on a spiritual and personal level. I personally have about 2 friends who I can actually say “know me” everyone else gets the street Katie. The Katie that comes out when she has to survive, not the soft quiet Katie on the inside.

Be thankful for these friendships, because when things are tough ….they remain real….they will be there for you and give you the advice you need to hear sometimes. Always be able to do this for them too. Even when it’s hard to find time for yourself still make some time for these friends. It’s a hard world to be in, don’t be in it alone!

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House hunting 

 I am sorry that I haven’t been filling you guys in every night but things (as you know) have been so busy and crazy! However, I will never leave you out of the loop so here we go 🙂

December 6th ….the big day! We met with our Realtor and we were finally going out to see some houses from our list. we had 5 total homes scheduled to see. We were so excited to see what the houses in person.

We saw 3 condos and 2 stand alone homes.

1.) This was a little condo. The road to enter the community was very narrow and the parking lot didn’t really have a lot of space for guests to come visit. It did have a garage though! It was the only place we saw with a garage. The kitchen and living room were too small. In my own opinion, the kitchen and living room are the most important rooms. We also found out later that night that someone was suing the condo association……sooo NAH hahah NEXT.

2.) This was a stand alone home in the middle of the city. It was located on a gigantic hill, which in NH can be very dangerous in the winter. Although the hill did give the home a fantastic view, you could see mountains from the front lawn. This place was very old, it was built in 1805…… can you say haunted hahah? Other than its original age, you could see the previous owners did a lot of work to update them home. It was still just too tight and weird. We were not too excited by it. Not even to mention that while locking the door we were approached by a strange man. He asked if we lived there…… then after we told him “Umm No” he left creepily in his truck.

3.) A big yellow mess! This was a stand-alone house that was also very old and in a terrible district. The inside was very pieced together, almost like when you build something nice on rotting wood. The roof was terrible, the upstairs bedroom was leaning and needless to say, we hated it.

4.) This place is AMAZING, built in 2010, out of the city, updated, finished basement and in a quiet safe neighborhood. It was an end unit townhouse and basically we fell in love. It had 1.5 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms and even a laundry room! After we left this place we felt we didn’t even need to see anything else……we knew this was it. No need to even see house #5 we were sold…..

Time to make our move….

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How am I going to do this?

 This month is going to be freaking insane! Honestly, I am so glad I have you all and this blog to vent on and share with because it allows me to gather my thoughts throughout this insanity.

I am feeling hopeful though! If it stays just like this I can handle it, it’s those unknown surprise “throw you for a loop” kind of moments I am worried about.

There is a chance that Edward might not have to move to Hampton Beach by the way! He is trying to work something out with a local friend and we are both hoping that pans out. Because that extra hour of a drive really will make things harder on his work day, our relationship, and our house viewing plans.

Speaking of viewing houses, Sunday will be the day! We will be seeing a bunch of houses, and if I see anything with potential ….you guys will be the first to know of course ❤

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Winter wonderland 

 I have never really mentioned my occupation on here… I am a Graphic Designer. I do freelance work, an office job, art/typography, and Edward and I are starting up a Graphic Design business called ARVR. If you are curious about my portfolio and/or ARVR I placed links to our websites at the bottom of this post 🙂 So you can stalk a little harder.

I am currently a designer for a local NH power equipment store…. well let’s just say I am on my way out. I have had to deal with some racism from my superiors. BUT I am not willing to spend time on that or even talk about it any further because that would give it power.

Annnnywaysss I have a call with a design agency tonight at 5pm! This would be a huge step for my career, so wish me luck! 🙂 ❤ Bring it on winter, stress, and hardship!! We Ruiz/Rivera’s don’t fear anything.

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The house we didn’t get

 This was really hard for us…..

We both knew it would happen that we would fall in love with the idea of a place… and not be able to have it.

We were forced to wait past the holidays to meet with our Realtor, so we had a lot of time to review the list of houses he had sent us. I read the list over and over again to find the best option for us in price, location, comfort, and rooms. I was able to nail it down 2 two different homes that we felt could be the fit for our family.

The first one was 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, basement, backyard, garage, and a screened deck! It seemed to be everything we were looking for in a home. It looked so new and nice in the photos, the only concern we had was the distance from the towns we are used to living in. So we decided to drive up to see it from the street.

When we arrived we realized that the house was attached to another house!! The images that were posted were cropped especially to look like a single standing home. We were so disappointed, not only in the fact it was a surprise condex but also because the drive was so long for us.

So we decided to check out the second house. It was a duplex which was fine because it had everything we wanted and was in our current town. So we drove over to the house and the location was PERFECT, everything about it was perfect! The photos posted of the interior looked so beautiful. So we quickly emailed our Realtor so we could see the interior in person.
He emailed us the next morning telling us that the duplex had been sold already…… it was crushing…… And it is hard to feel confident about continuing the search… But I have faith! That just wasn’t the house for us I guess. Somewhere out there it’s waiting for us 🙂

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I really hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Ours was so nice, we went to my Abuela’s house in Lawrence MA. We ate like beasts, and cooked like monsters. This is a photo of my mom singing “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” with my youngest cousin.

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Packing up the Studio

I’m Sorry I have been gone for a while! Things have been very crazy and I have a lot to catch you up on. November 23rd we spent all night packing up Edward’s apartment and we STILL have a lot more work to do on it. We cleaned everything! The walls were even dirty. You would think that a little studio wouldn’t have so much stuffed into it, but he did live there for a good 2 years.

I started crying at the end of the night…… a song came on that reminded me of the long struggle we went through just to get him into this tiny apartment and living in New Hampshire. I still can’t even believe we are about to buy a house together now.

We are really hoping to find a wonderful home before the end of December when the studio’s lease is up. Because if we don’t have a home by December Edward will have to go stay at the beach in Hampton! Which is so far away and will make things extra hard with our one car situation.

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