The house we didn’t get

 This was really hard for us…..

We both knew it would happen that we would fall in love with the idea of a place… and not be able to have it.

We were forced to wait past the holidays to meet with our Realtor, so we had a lot of time to review the list of houses he had sent us. I read the list over and over again to find the best option for us in price, location, comfort, and rooms. I was able to nail it down 2 two different homes that we felt could be the fit for our family.

The first one was 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, basement, backyard, garage, and a screened deck! It seemed to be everything we were looking for in a home. It looked so new and nice in the photos, the only concern we had was the distance from the towns we are used to living in. So we decided to drive up to see it from the street.

When we arrived we realized that the house was attached to another house!! The images that were posted were cropped especially to look like a single standing home. We were so disappointed, not only in the fact it was a surprise condex but also because the drive was so long for us.

So we decided to check out the second house. It was a duplex which was fine because it had everything we wanted and was in our current town. So we drove over to the house and the location was PERFECT, everything about it was perfect! The photos posted of the interior looked so beautiful. So we quickly emailed our Realtor so we could see the interior in person.
He emailed us the next morning telling us that the duplex had been sold already…… it was crushing…… And it is hard to feel confident about continuing the search… But I have faith! That just wasn’t the house for us I guess. Somewhere out there it’s waiting for us 🙂

“Go to the bottom of the site a click follow to see what happens next xoxox”-Katie

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