How am I going to do this?

 This month is going to be freaking insane! Honestly, I am so glad I have you all and this blog to vent on and share with because it allows me to gather my thoughts throughout this insanity.

I am feeling hopeful though! If it stays just like this I can handle it, it’s those unknown surprise “throw you for a loop” kind of moments I am worried about.

There is a chance that Edward might not have to move to Hampton Beach by the way! He is trying to work something out with a local friend and we are both hoping that pans out. Because that extra hour of a drive really will make things harder on his work day, our relationship, and our house viewing plans.

Speaking of viewing houses, Sunday will be the day! We will be seeing a bunch of houses, and if I see anything with potential ….you guys will be the first to know of course ❤

“Go to the bottom of the site a click follow to see what happens next xoxox”-Katie

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