A true friend


Are you lucky enough to have a friend who you can really relate to? Sometimes you meet people who you call your friends who really don’t even care about you ….Or you just can’t really relate to on a spiritual and personal level. I personally have about 2 friends who I can actually say “know me” everyone else gets the street Katie. The Katie that comes out when she has to survive, not the soft quiet Katie on the inside.

Be thankful for these friendships, because when things are tough ….they remain real….they will be there for you and give you the advice you need to hear sometimes. Always be able to do this for them too. Even when it’s hard to find time for yourself still make some time for these friends. It’s a hard world to be in, don’t be in it alone!

“Go to the bottom of the site a click follow to see what happens next xoxox”-Katie

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