House hunting 

 I am sorry that I haven’t been filling you guys in every night but things (as you know) have been so busy and crazy! However, I will never leave you out of the loop so here we go 🙂

December 6th ….the big day! We met with our Realtor and we were finally going out to see some houses from our list. we had 5 total homes scheduled to see. We were so excited to see what the houses in person.

We saw 3 condos and 2 stand alone homes.

1.) This was a little condo. The road to enter the community was very narrow and the parking lot didn’t really have a lot of space for guests to come visit. It did have a garage though! It was the only place we saw with a garage. The kitchen and living room were too small. In my own opinion, the kitchen and living room are the most important rooms. We also found out later that night that someone was suing the condo association……sooo NAH hahah NEXT.

2.) This was a stand alone home in the middle of the city. It was located on a gigantic hill, which in NH can be very dangerous in the winter. Although the hill did give the home a fantastic view, you could see mountains from the front lawn. This place was very old, it was built in 1805…… can you say haunted hahah? Other than its original age, you could see the previous owners did a lot of work to update them home. It was still just too tight and weird. We were not too excited by it. Not even to mention that while locking the door we were approached by a strange man. He asked if we lived there…… then after we told him “Umm No” he left creepily in his truck.

3.) A big yellow mess! This was a stand-alone house that was also very old and in a terrible district. The inside was very pieced together, almost like when you build something nice on rotting wood. The roof was terrible, the upstairs bedroom was leaning and needless to say, we hated it.

4.) This place is AMAZING, built in 2010, out of the city, updated, finished basement and in a quiet safe neighborhood. It was an end unit townhouse and basically we fell in love. It had 1.5 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms and even a laundry room! After we left this place we felt we didn’t even need to see anything else……we knew this was it. No need to even see house #5 we were sold…..

Time to make our move….

“Go to the bottom of the site a click follow to see what happens next xoxox”-Katie

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