The warmest blizzard


I’ve been gone for a while…Life has been hard… it felt as though Christmas forgot us this year, or maybe we forgot it?

I was so excited to come on this blog and tell you that we had signed a purchase and sales on the condo of our dreams. Everything was going great. We couldn’t believe our dreams were all coming true. It looked as though Edward didn’t have to move to Hampton Beach after all.

12/18/15 We learned that we could not afford the condo we had signed for. Our mortgage broker had led us on to believe we could afford something that was, in reality, way over our budget. I was so stupid to tell all my friends that we had signed on the house and that we were going to be moving in January 22nd (Our closing date). I had to go back to each friend and tell them that it was no longer possible.

Not only did we learn that we couldn’t afford the condo of our dreams, we also learned that our dream budget was a bust. We have to buy something much much smaller. An affordable Garden style home.

So we are back exactly where we had started 2 months ago, searching. Luckily our amazing realtor got our $1,000 deposit back to us…… we could have lost that too. Through all the pain and tears we are finally accepting the evident truth. That no matter how hard you work for something, and no matter how many rules you follow…… it’s always going to be a journey. Nothing comes easily, so we have decided not to care, we don’t care if our stuff isn’t new and shiny. We don’t care if our house is small and old. We  will live within our means, and we will survive because of that.

I’ve definitely been stress eating, I feel the weight inching back around my belly. I need to stop stressing out so much and just relax. It’s Christmas…Edward and I exchanged our small gifts last night. 🙂 It was nice to have some time to get our mind off of things.

Edward’s last day at his apartment is 12/31/15 and then he will have to move to Hampton Beach. 45 minutes away from me. We had only my car between us, so we were planning on doing crazy driving shifts. However, my car has a really bad oil leak. The fix was estimated at $1,500, which right now is impossible. There was no way my car could have handled that much driving. luckily, tonight was a Christmas MIRACLE. We found a beater car for Edward that was really inexpensive and running in good condition! Finally a light at the end of the tunnel.

The car is a 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe, it is so ugly on the exterior. It is missing a door handle and has terrible scratches and marks all over it. We just laugh together, because 2 or 3 years ago we would have thought the car was gross. We don’t care about that stupidity anymore. Fuck what people say or think, we love the Santa Fe because it will get us from A to B, and because of that we feel like royalty tonight.

“Go to the bottom of the site a click follow to see what happens next xoxox”-Katie

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