Weight-loss, body care & coffee beans 

So I have been using the Fit Girls Guide on and off since August 2015. When I first began the program I lost 15lbs in the first month. Between September 2015 and now (January 22, 2015) I have lost a combined total of 20lbs since I first began. I am super happy with my results from this fun tasty program! However I really need to kick it into gear again like I did back in August, no cheat meals!! I am a bride to be and that means I need to look like a beautiful, tiny, Hispanic doll. I am almost there so I know I can do it with 9 months left till my big day. I need to go on more runs…..

The reason I recommend the Fit Girl Guide to everyone is because they have taught me how to feed myself fresh, healthy, delicious meals that are quick to make. Not to mention I spend a total of $50 a week on groceries for breakfast, lunch and dinner. FGG is so current as well, the Instagram community is so alive and really makes it easier to find a support system. I have bought all the books except the newest one “Boot Camp” which I will probably get. Honestly it is the best decision I have made for myself in a long time…..besides my husband (to be) hahahaha ❤

But the one treat I allow myself is my coffee!! Because holy fucking shit I’d die….

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Wedding prep

So obviously I have never been a bride before, and the last time I had a room full of people looking at me was Prom. Prom was about 5 years ago…. Lets just say through the stresses of college, graphic design jobs, and buying a new home… some things have suffered, one of those being my HAIR. I have been so cheap hahah I cut and die my own hair because every penny counts at this stage in my life. So the result is being dead hay-haired person.

Not only has my hair been neglected but so has my skin. Lord knows I don’t want to look old in my 20’s so (wedding or no wedding) I needed to get my skin back to it’s tip top shape. I went to GNC and purchase these “Women’s Hair, Skin & Nails Soft Chews.” The woman at the store claimed they tasted wonderful …. I don’t really like that chemically artificial flavor taste myself, so if that flavor bothers you too… I am sorry, but maybe it’s worth it for gorgeous hair. I have 60 chews and so far I have taken 3, I will let you all know if it is worth it after I have taken them all. 🙂 I also have been finishing up my older collagen powder, this might be something someone with sensitive taste buds would prefer. The only downside to the powder is that it doesn’t have as many vitamins in it as the chews have. I have placed the links for all of these products at the bottom of the article for you.


I also suffer from back acne… which would not be cute on my wedding day. I really want a flawless gorgeous back for my dress. So I purchased this “African Black Soap” from GNC. I have never heard of it before, but I liked the price….and the packaging….Graphic designer problems lol. I will let you know if I see a difference on my back acne with this stuff as well ❤

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Soft Chews:  http://www.gnc.com/GNC-Womens-Hair-Skin-Nails-Soft-Chew-Acai-Berry/product.jsp?productId=50109936

Collagen Powder: http://www.gundrylane.com/neocell-laboratories-neocell-super-collagen-type-1-and-3-powder-6600-mg-7-oz?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=bing_test

Black Soap: http://www.walgreens.com/search/results.jsp?Ntt=449205&ext=msnBeauty_-_Bath_&_Soap_VB_VB_-_SheaMoisture_Exact_shea_moisture_african_black_soap&sst=c87fdccc-3d98-4dba-bd12-63003c86ea05

House update 

Remember that house we loved and we lost???

Well it looks like we might be getting it again. The rates had gone up before and now they have gone down. Not to mention that the sellers are very motivated. They came down to a lesser price for us, however they are stalling to give us a finally answer so they can fish for another buyer …… So we are still a month later left in the dark. This has been such an emotional roller coaster!

**update** these terrible people sold this house from under us. Broke our heart more then once and intend to keep our $1,000 deposit!! ….. Realtor is threatening them with court. But nonetheless we continue on our house hunting journey”

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Big happenings 

Well my darlings, I have neglected you for about a month now. Hmm lets see what have you missed…..

I’m engaged!!!!!!! 🍾🎉🎊💍💍💍💍 OMG I have never been so happy in my whole life. I am finally on the road to becoming a Rivera!!!

It happened January 1st. Edward took me out to a fancy restaurant for New Years. We dressed up very fancy and it was such a romantic night. The restaurant was called “the foundry.” We sat by the river side window. I thought he might propose to me but wasn’t sure. We still had about 2 hours till midnight and we were both getting pretty tired. We decided to go home. When we got home Edward pulled me onto the couch and put the ring box on my knee. We both started crying so hard and it was honestly the most romantic night of my life. I love him so much and I can’t wait to be his wife.

We intended to be married by my uncle up in Maine 🙂 October 22nd 2016

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