Wedding prep

So obviously I have never been a bride before, and the last time I had a room full of people looking at me was Prom. Prom was about 5 years ago…. Lets just say through the stresses of college, graphic design jobs, and buying a new home… some things have suffered, one of those being my HAIR. I have been so cheap hahah I cut and die my own hair because every penny counts at this stage in my life. So the result is being dead hay-haired person.

Not only has my hair been neglected but so has my skin. Lord knows I don’t want to look old in my 20’s so (wedding or no wedding) I needed to get my skin back to it’s tip top shape. I went to GNC and purchase these “Women’s Hair, Skin & Nails Soft Chews.” The woman at the store claimed they tasted wonderful …. I don’t really like that chemically artificial flavor taste myself, so if that flavor bothers you too… I am sorry, but maybe it’s worth it for gorgeous hair. I have 60 chews and so far I have taken 3, I will let you all know if it is worth it after I have taken them all. 🙂 I also have been finishing up my older collagen powder, this might be something someone with sensitive taste buds would prefer. The only downside to the powder is that it doesn’t have as many vitamins in it as the chews have. I have placed the links for all of these products at the bottom of the article for you.


I also suffer from back acne… which would not be cute on my wedding day. I really want a flawless gorgeous back for my dress. So I purchased this “African Black Soap” from GNC. I have never heard of it before, but I liked the price….and the packaging….Graphic designer problems lol. I will let you know if I see a difference on my back acne with this stuff as well ❤

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Soft Chews:

Collagen Powder:

Black Soap:

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