DIY Envelope Liners 

So I am not sending my invites till August but I really want to make them impressive without spending a lot of money. So I have become a real crafty bride.

I saw a lot of envelope liners on Pinterest and I loved the idea!! The only issue was that they cost $1 a piece…. I can’t spend $120 on JUST the envelope liner. So what I did instead was I created my own cute pattern on in design and got them printed on nice paper at staples! I paid $13 for 120 liner sheet🎉🎉 🙂 I also got 100 envelopes there for $17 🙂 when I got home I measured how large the liners would have to be and I cut them all out with my paper cutter. DIY is not only fun it’s effective!

I created my pattern by drawing black boxes on a white background at 8.5×11 size. Or, if you want to do a different cute pattern check out free online stock images. You can download high-resolution images/drawings for free! Just get them printed locally and cut/glue them yourself! 🙂

These are some of my favorite free stock image sites:

My next challenge will be designing the invite on in design and finding the best printing price. They will be BW so that’s always less expensive anyways. Being crafty really does save you so much money in life!

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3 Days Alone

Edward is on a work trip for 3 days…. I am  PMS-ing and you can fill in the blanks. I feel so lonely and sad. I thought I would be fine but I really am not fine. I miss him so much. Last night I went shopping alone and got Chipotle. The Chipotle sucked and it was awkward being by myself haha. It’s funny how many couples you notice when you are alone.

Luckily, tonight my best friend needs help painting sets for her student’s dance performance. Painting and laughing with her will take my mind away.

On the bright side things are going really well with a house….. I have been doing my best to not say anything to you guys haha because you know our history with finding and buying “The Perfect” house….. I guess that’s all I am going to say…. for now 😉

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Save the Date


Well I have sent out the Save the Dates! 🙂 We are so excited to be finally sending things out to our friends and family. Everyone seems so excited for the wedding. It was surprisingly difficult to create the mailing list and guest list, for whatever reason I naively assumed that would be one of the easier tasks. It is especially hard because a lot of Edward’s family in AZ is unknown to me so connecting the dots and relationships has been a rewarding adventure.

I designed the save the dates as postcards to save money on paper. Which was a great idea because it only cost me a total of $40. However, the formal invites will be more expensive and challenging. Inside the invitation envelope I would like to do a gold glittery lining I think. Also, there will also be a couple of printouts explaining registry, locations, times, and live streaming. I am so afraid of missing something ….. or missing someone on the list.

My next goal is to buy the decorations and centerpieces. We plan on decorating very minimalist, allowing the beauty of the venues to be the decor. I would like large lanterns on every table and going down the aisle of the church. At the base of each lantern will be flower petals. I think it will be so beautiful 🙂

Next Saturday I will be dress shopping!! For my wedding dress!! I hope my mom and I can find something perfect while staying within our tight budget.

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ARVR- The Clothing Line

ARVR: Advanced Resources of Visual Relief

Some of you might not know the History of ARVR and what it means to Edward and I. When I met Edward he was living the life of a clothing designer. He was delivering shirts, designing artwork, screen printing, selling, and trying to make ends meet. ARVR was making a huge stamp in Phoenix AZ. Edward would go to parties and see people wearing his clothes. His sisters would see strangers on the street rocking a “grind” design. ARVR was Edward’s baby.

Sometimes life gets in the way of dreams. Edward also had to work at Home Depot in order make ends meet. When he met me he started realizing he needed a safe career to fall back on, so he went back to school and became a licensed HVAC technician. Edward put ARVR on hold and decided to move all the way across the country for love.

Well! I am also a graphic artist and now together we plan to make ARVR even bigger than it ever was. The East Coast isn’t ready……. ARVR has been reborn as a graphic design branding/ printing company. Edward, his best friend Eddie C, and I are actively working to set up the ground work. Next Thursday we have our first ever mentors meeting with a local agency called “4 Walls Media Group.” 4 Wall will be coaching us and answering any questions we have about beginning. They will also be an awesome contact to keep.

Check out our website

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Keep smiling 

I am going to just keep on smiling.

The one thing I can definitely say, at 23 years old, is that every bad situation has a silver lining. I was just thinking today how amazing it is to see my friends grow. Friends, who I might never have met if I hadn’t worked that “one terrible job.”

So hold your head high, stay strong, and find the good in every situation. Because, without those hard times you wouldn’t be who you are today. Love you guys! Keep smiling! 

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Passing Houses

I don’t even bother telling you guys when we find a house we like anymore. I won’t tell you until closing day hahah. Basically we have love and lost so many it’s like …..whatever. We are still battling the search. 

I do take comfort in watching the passing houses. For whatever reason I’m, in a way, glad to know we are still looking. It’s cool to imagine all the possibilities. Whether there’s a cool window seat or a garage. I don’t know… The chase itself is still invigorating. 

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Going to the Chapel 



Yesterday we went to our first marriage class with our pastor. The pastor who will be marrying us is my uncle Danny. So we made the drive to Portland ME. 

We were so nervous because we didn’t know what to expect hahah. We were afraid that it would be super awkward, not just because he is my uncle because….. What would they want to say hahah! 

So when we arrived we got lattes in old port and drove to his chapel, my uncle and aunt warmly greeted us and took us into their study. We could hear the church band practicing in the chapel beside us. The study was painted sea foam green, and there were 4 chairs facing each other in front of an antique fireplace. 

We sat there for 1 hour discussing the foundation of a marriage. It was so encouraging to hear what he had to say. My aunt was also there in the room with us. It was basically an older married couples advice to a new married couple. It was so wonderful and I can’t wait for our next session. 🙂 

  Afterwards I did my cousin Beth’s hair & makeup trial because she’s going to senior prom and I’m going to get her ready!! 🙂 I had an amazing day there. 

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New Hampshire Hiking


I love living in New Hampshire so much. I have lived here my whole life. I am 20 minutes from the ocean, 1 hr from the mountains, and 30 minutes from the city of Boston. Usually, the winters here are terrible. This year has been especially warm. I can’t wait to go hiking this spring/summer, last summer was all about the beach. This summer will be hiking. Hiking is the perfect balance between adventure and exercise.

I know spring is close because the Geese are back….the bugs are popping up everywhere…and it’s been 50 degrees. When we hike this year I will tell you all what the best paths are so that if you ever visit New Hampshire you can make the most of your trip. We are not professional hikers so we stay on the easier less life-threatening trails haha 🙂

Nothing beats the views ❤ Take me there again….

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Over Thinking


Do you ever feel like you are losing your mind? Sometimes I find myself way over thinking everything. It’s usually during ovulation……which seems to be worse than PMS these days. Sometimes I think so hard that I create problems for myself that don’t even exist. Almost like I am afraid of just letting myself ‘be ok.’ I wonder where that starts? I wonder what gave me this problem…. from childhood? I don’t know?

But then again….. all this could be my ovaries talking haha…. Over thinking can be destructive to a person. You might have this ‘made up’ perspective, that isn’t even real, simply because you are making a huge deal out of nothing. I think this is why every person should paint or draw even if you think you have no ability in it.

When I am painting/drawing. I escape to a peaceful place where I can concentrate on the movements of my hand, the manipulation of a medium, or the visual detail of what I am looking at. There is no logical thinking, no anxieties, no insecurities, no doubts… just happiness! I think if everyone was allowed to be in a creative space for like 45mn a day there would be less people on anxiety medication. It’s good to think, but don’t think too much.

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Wedding Venue

GALLERY   Spire 29

Well, we have a day!! Edward and I will be joined in marriage on October 22, 2016. We will be married in Portland ME in my uncle’s beautiful white chapel by the sea. The reception will be held at a Wedding Venue by the name of “Spire 29” 🙂 So far my mother and I have been the queens of wedding planning haha. We have found all the best deals in the area. Honestly, I am not sure why women hate wedding planning so much, it has been so much fun.

So far we have the date, location, reception, photographer, dj, pastor, coordinator, florist, and next will be the caterer. 🙂 the girls will be getting their bridesmaid dresses on March 5th, and I will be dress shopping soon. I am soooo excited to try on wedding dresses…. I’ve lost so much weight I know I will be happy with how I look!! I really can’t wait. I will of course tell you all how it goes.

I am also brainstorming centerpieces. I might be posting some ideas on here.

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