Wedding Venue

GALLERY   Spire 29

Well, we have a day!! Edward and I will be joined in marriage on October 22, 2016. We will be married in Portland ME in my uncle’s beautiful white chapel by the sea. The reception will be held at a Wedding Venue by the name of “Spire 29” 🙂 So far my mother and I have been the queens of wedding planning haha. We have found all the best deals in the area. Honestly, I am not sure why women hate wedding planning so much, it has been so much fun.

So far we have the date, location, reception, photographer, dj, pastor, coordinator, florist, and next will be the caterer. 🙂 the girls will be getting their bridesmaid dresses on March 5th, and I will be dress shopping soon. I am soooo excited to try on wedding dresses…. I’ve lost so much weight I know I will be happy with how I look!! I really can’t wait. I will of course tell you all how it goes.

I am also brainstorming centerpieces. I might be posting some ideas on here.

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