Over Thinking


Do you ever feel like you are losing your mind? Sometimes I find myself way over thinking everything. It’s usually during ovulation……which seems to be worse than PMS these days. Sometimes I think so hard that I create problems for myself that don’t even exist. Almost like I am afraid of just letting myself ‘be ok.’ I wonder where that starts? I wonder what gave me this problem…. from childhood? I don’t know?

But then again….. all this could be my ovaries talking haha…. Over thinking can be destructive to a person. You might have this ‘made up’ perspective, that isn’t even real, simply because you are making a huge deal out of nothing. I think this is why every person should paint or draw even if you think you have no ability in it.

When I am painting/drawing. I escape to a peaceful place where I can concentrate on the movements of my hand, the manipulation of a medium, or the visual detail of what I am looking at. There is no logical thinking, no anxieties, no insecurities, no doubts… just happiness! I think if everyone was allowed to be in a creative space for like 45mn a day there would be less people on anxiety medication. It’s good to think, but don’t think too much.

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