Going to the Chapel 



Yesterday we went to our first marriage class with our pastor. The pastor who will be marrying us is my uncle Danny. So we made the drive to Portland ME. 

We were so nervous because we didn’t know what to expect hahah. We were afraid that it would be super awkward, not just because he is my uncle because….. What would they want to say hahah! 

So when we arrived we got lattes in old port and drove to his chapel, my uncle and aunt warmly greeted us and took us into their study. We could hear the church band practicing in the chapel beside us. The study was painted sea foam green, and there were 4 chairs facing each other in front of an antique fireplace. 

We sat there for 1 hour discussing the foundation of a marriage. It was so encouraging to hear what he had to say. My aunt was also there in the room with us. It was basically an older married couples advice to a new married couple. It was so wonderful and I can’t wait for our next session. 🙂 

  Afterwards I did my cousin Beth’s hair & makeup trial because she’s going to senior prom and I’m going to get her ready!! 🙂 I had an amazing day there. 

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