ARVR- The Clothing Line

ARVR: Advanced Resources of Visual Relief

Some of you might not know the History of ARVR and what it means to Edward and I. When I met Edward he was living the life of a clothing designer. He was delivering shirts, designing artwork, screen printing, selling, and trying to make ends meet. ARVR was making a huge stamp in Phoenix AZ. Edward would go to parties and see people wearing his clothes. His sisters would see strangers on the street rocking a “grind” design. ARVR was Edward’s baby.

Sometimes life gets in the way of dreams. Edward also had to work at Home Depot in order make ends meet. When he met me he started realizing he needed a safe career to fall back on, so he went back to school and became a licensed HVAC technician. Edward put ARVR on hold and decided to move all the way across the country for love.

Well! I am also a graphic artist and now together we plan to make ARVR even bigger than it ever was. The East Coast isn’t ready……. ARVR has been reborn as a graphic design branding/ printing company. Edward, his best friend Eddie C, and I are actively working to set up the ground work. Next Thursday we have our first ever mentors meeting with a local agency called “4 Walls Media Group.” 4 Wall will be coaching us and answering any questions we have about beginning. They will also be an awesome contact to keep.

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