3 Days Alone

Edward is on a work trip for 3 days…. I am  PMS-ing and you can fill in the blanks. I feel so lonely and sad. I thought I would be fine but I really am not fine. I miss him so much. Last night I went shopping alone and got Chipotle. The Chipotle sucked and it was awkward being by myself haha. It’s funny how many couples you notice when you are alone.

Luckily, tonight my best friend needs help painting sets for her student’s dance performance. Painting and laughing with her will take my mind away.

On the bright side things are going really well with a house….. I have been doing my best to not say anything to you guys haha because you know our history with finding and buying “The Perfect” house….. I guess that’s all I am going to say…. for now 😉

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