Save the Date


Well I have sent out the Save the Dates! 🙂 We are so excited to be finally sending things out to our friends and family. Everyone seems so excited for the wedding. It was surprisingly difficult to create the mailing list and guest list, for whatever reason I naively assumed that would be one of the easier tasks. It is especially hard because a lot of Edward’s family in AZ is unknown to me so connecting the dots and relationships has been a rewarding adventure.

I designed the save the dates as postcards to save money on paper. Which was a great idea because it only cost me a total of $40. However, the formal invites will be more expensive and challenging. Inside the invitation envelope I would like to do a gold glittery lining I think. Also, there will also be a couple of printouts explaining registry, locations, times, and live streaming. I am so afraid of missing something ….. or missing someone on the list.

My next goal is to buy the decorations and centerpieces. We plan on decorating very minimalist, allowing the beauty of the venues to be the decor. I would like large lanterns on every table and going down the aisle of the church. At the base of each lantern will be flower petals. I think it will be so beautiful 🙂

Next Saturday I will be dress shopping!! For my wedding dress!! I hope my mom and I can find something perfect while staying within our tight budget.

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