DIY Envelope Liners 

So I am not sending my invites till August but I really want to make them impressive without spending a lot of money. So I have become a real crafty bride.

I saw a lot of envelope liners on Pinterest and I loved the idea!! The only issue was that they cost $1 a piece…. I can’t spend $120 on JUST the envelope liner. So what I did instead was I created my own cute pattern on in design and got them printed on nice paper at staples! I paid $13 for 120 liner sheet🎉🎉 🙂 I also got 100 envelopes there for $17 🙂 when I got home I measured how large the liners would have to be and I cut them all out with my paper cutter. DIY is not only fun it’s effective!

I created my pattern by drawing black boxes on a white background at 8.5×11 size. Or, if you want to do a different cute pattern check out free online stock images. You can download high-resolution images/drawings for free! Just get them printed locally and cut/glue them yourself! 🙂

These are some of my favorite free stock image sites:

My next challenge will be designing the invite on in design and finding the best printing price. They will be BW so that’s always less expensive anyways. Being crafty really does save you so much money in life!

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