Bridesmaids Dresses 


My beautiful bridesmaids! Just a couple anyways 🙂 2 other girls still have to get their dresses. It was so cool to see all of these people I love in the same place….. For me. Words cannot express the joy I felt seeing them having fun finding gowns. The only requirement I had for their dresses is that they all must be floor length and available in eggplant. Which they were! I really wanted them all to feel beautiful and wear something that worked for their bodies. I love them for their differences, why would I make them all dress the same? 

All this made me imagine the morning of my wedding day, and for the first time ever I actually felt really nervous. I felt sick to my stomach with nervousness hahah. I hope that goes away though. I will just keep my eyes on Edward the whole time. 

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3 Replies to “Bridesmaids Dresses ”

  1. Just stumbled across your blog, congrats on the engagement and good luck with your planning! It can be overwhelming, but so exciting!!! I know everyone always says this, but it’s so true… Your wedding day goes by faster than any other day in your entire life, so try not to focus on the things that don’t matter… Embrace every moment with your husband and take lots of pictures! Especially with your family and friends! Wishing you well my dear and hope to see more updates in the future!

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