Growing up Mixed 

 I love my parents so much. I know I don’t tell them that enough. For the 23 years, I have existed on earth they have been my rock and guidance. Their marriage has withstood the test of time and adversity. When they went to my grandfather to announce their engagement he refused to walk my mother down the aisle. Of course, after he bonded with my dad more, and realized in the end he would lose his daughter …He showed up.
My father was born in the Dominican Republic but was raised in NYC and MA. My mother is Scott-English and her family has been in the United States since the pilgrims. To say the 2 sides of my family are “different” is an understatement. The DR side is so loud, old fashioned, loving, religious, and huge. The English American side is very rigid, polite, awkward, modern and loving ….. But in a more subtle sense.

It’s always been hard to find where I fit in…. I was always too white to fit into the Spanish side. And I was always too dark to fit into the white side… I have this huge pride for my English-Scottish-American heritage. And I have the same level of pride for my Dominican roots ….

Growing up I so badly wanted to associate myself completely with one side. I never quite could. Not many people understand this predicament, but that is because not many people experience it. In my adult life I have come to terms with the fact that I am both!! My heritage and family history is what makes me….. Me and what makes me unique. I am both the great great granddaughter of a prestigious judge…. And the great-granddaughter of a notorious healer/midwife/medicine woman.

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2 Replies to “Growing up Mixed ”

  1. Ha! Katie this totally cracked me up! I understand your thoughts, cuz; when I was in Costa Rica, the Ticos called me a Dinga–a Dominican Gringa. Still trying to piece together my book on the experience of growing up in the middle, but I’ll let you know where it stands after November… I enjoy reading your blog! Keep writing!

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