Ocean Views 

 Edward and I went to Seabrook beach in East NH last Saturday. It was nice to get away from life for a while and change our surroundings. We have been so blessed…. With such a hard winter behind us we have a warm summer shining on ahead.

Edward never had to stay in Hampton, He is also almost done his HVAC classes, my car survived the cold, Edward even took a chance buying a beater car and it carried us all winter, our crazy schedules co-existed, and the love of my life proposed to me. When winter first began we were faced with issues we thought were unsolvable. It seemed like such a dark uncertain road but we trusted God. With a little faith and a lot of ambition ….we survived!!

And now we have only 7 months until our wedding! 🙂 Not to mention the summer of our dreams ahead of us. This bright blue cold ocean was so fresh smelling and freeing…. We just jumped around on the rocks …and chased the seagulls…. we walked for 4 miles that day.

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