Wedding Crafts

Man! I miss you all so much, I haven’t written to you since March 8th….. mostly because I have huge news for you on Friday!!! I can’t wait to tell you all about the updates. Tune in Friday 3/25/16 because huge changes will be happening. 🙂

For now, I think we need to talk about ‘Wedding Crafts.’ First off… thank goodness for Pinterest. I can’t imagine not having it. Pinterest has been inspiring all of my wedding crafts!! I haven’t told you guys yet but I plan on making a dummy cake for the wedding and serving sheet cake to the guests 🙂 ….. I know it’s so sneaky…. and affordable! I am a little nervous about making this dummy cake. Because I have never worked with fondant, dowels, or styrofoam before. However, I am an artist so I will approach the cake like a sculpture and canvas. When I attempt to make the cake I will give you guys a detailed blog post along with a Youtube video showing you how I did it.

Another huge win was finally figuring out how I am going to approach the wedding favors. As I was researching wedding favors…. I found almost everything to be really expensive. I mean, sure, a little silk bag for $1 might sound cheap. Until you realize you have to multiply the $1 silk bag times 114 guests. Not even to mention the cost of filling the bags with candy or nuts. Well, I decided to scour Pinterest and the internet until I found an affordable attractive idea. I have finally found the solution! Cute little paper bags painted with metallic craft paint, garnished with a sticker seal, and filled with yummy candies and nuts. I was able to find mini brown paper bags on Amazon (100 quantity) for only $6.00! The bags, being so affordable, are going to save us so much money. I really think they are beautiful and unique. I will make a Youtube video for you all when I make these favors, I know they are going to turn out so pretty.

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