Our First House 

Hope you enjoyed the walk through 🙂 

Hello dear friends!! So I have some big news …….we bought a house!!! Edward and I are so happy. It is a three-story townhouse with a garage. I haven’t told you guys what was going on with the house because, it was such an up-and-down roller coaster.
This house truly is our dream home. The closing this morning was super scary, but it went really fast and it was wonderful to have our realtor there with us. After we signed it felt like we were living in a dream. I was so full of emotions that I was literally shaking. 
Ever since we signed the paperwork we have been nonstop working to make it livable. And by livable I, of course, mean clean and filled with the basics. It’s strange that it still smells like the other people so…… we need to change that. I’ve been scrubbing and scrubbing all night. and I am so tired that I am literally talking this blog post to Siri haha. We should probably go get some food… something really bad like pizza or Chinese food. Good night my friends I will keep you all posted!
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