Surprise Grammie!

Man, was my grandmother surprised! 🙂 She was SO happy to see her eldest daughter. We all went in and watched her perform in the Gilbert and Sullivan musical “The Mikado.” She was so adorable. Gram was wearing a cute little kimono top, red lipstick, eyeliner, and a flower in her hair. 🙂 Even Edward came to see her sing!

Check out the video on Youtube :

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The Dramatic Interview


So …. I didn’t really tell you guys this…. because sometimes I don’t know who is reading… yah know? Well, I had an interview last Friday. It was at a local Theatre, they have connections to broadway, and it sounded like a great opportunity. I am a graphic designer. The beauty of being a graphic designer is that you can work pretty much anywhere. From the job description, I knew it was work that would be easy for me to handle. Basically creating posters, playbooks, banners, signs, flags, graphics and other such things. So, when I was emailed back for an interview I became wicked excited!  The interview was set for Friday.

Well, all last week I was suffering from the most extreme PMS I have experienced in years. I don’t know what happened this month, but it was extremely painful and emotional. I was having fits of anxiety. Needless to say, by Friday morning, I was terrified for my interview. Which is unusual for me. After being a designer for over 4 years now.. after countless interviews… I don’t really get that nervous anymore….

By 3:30 pm I was in my outfit, portfolio at the ready, and driving in my car. Everything was going fine. Edward was on the phone with me and I was driving around the city trying to find a parking spot. I eventually settled on a parking garage… I was getting really nervous… and I hit the curb with my car…. that was the limit for me… I literally was in tears. There I was in the car…  I just had enough … I realized that there were so many new changes in my life and I wasn’t allowing them to really sink in… I am going to miss my family when I move out in October.. my pet bird is really sick.. my fiance and I just joined bank accounts … and here I was in a strange place for a strange interview… So much change and the whole time I was walking around pretending that it wasn’t affecting me.

After getting it together hahah… (good thing I left an hour early *you should always do that*) I went inside the box office of the beautiful historical theatre. Where I was met by a wonderfully excitable older gentleman. He was theatrical in his every movement, and he made me feel extremely comfortable. He motioned me into a small back office filled with boxes and paperwork. 

“Sorry for the mess, we had an appreciation night last night.” He said to me while I sat myself in an office chair.

“Oh, it’s no problem at all,” I replied politely.

He continued on about the appreciation night. He spoke about the theatre and the office I would be working in. We continued to talk about my job history and my personal life. Everything was going great! I really felt like this was going to be the job for me!…. Until suddenly the door opened. In walked a rigid woman with pointed glasses and a pixie haircut. Immediately her body language sent chills through me. She sat down and fingered through my resume and portfolio.

“I don’t want to have to sit behind you and help you design. You’d BETTER really know these programs…. for real.” She threatened.

I was confused…. How can you sit there and skim my portfolio (Say you like my work) and still question if I know the programs? Clearly this woman has no idea how the programs work. She went on and on about how much work I will have, and closes her negative statement with…

“You will never be rich here…. But we have a lot of fun.” I was starting to imagine a grim work environment here.

“You see Katie… we will need some kind of verbal time commitment… we can’t seem to keep designers here for more than a year. Not necessarily 20 years… not even 10… but you know?…. more than 2.” The man added. At this point all the ghosts of the designers, who worked in this position previously, were SCREAMING at me to run out the door and not turn back. If your designers don’t stay for longer than a year…. it’s because of you, not because of them.

I left some time later…. This wasn’t “it” for me. So, I turned down the second interview offer. This position might be something “cool” for someone with a little less financial pressure. Those interviewers made my current job look like the best job ever hahaha. Oh well 🙂 … Guess we will have to see where life leads us.

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My Aunt is Coming


My beautiful aunt Donna is coming to New England!! 🙂 She arrives tomorrow. Donna will be staying at my parent’s house in Tony’s old bedroom (Tony is my older brother). Above is a picture of my awesome family (L-R, Grammie Wood, Mom, & Aunt Donna) at Ogunquit beach in Maine. I can’t wait to see them all together again. You see, the reason Donna is coming is to surprise my Grandmother. Gram has been performing in theatrical performances at her assisted living community. My mother and I have never missed a performance. Unfortunately, my aunt lives in Indiana and has been unable to attend any of her shows. So it will be really special and emotional to see the surprise for my grandmother. 🙂 I know Grammie will be so happy. She is giddy when my mother and I come, she will lose her mind when Donna shows up too. 🙂 This performance is rather special because Grammie has a rather large role in it.

I will record it for you all. 🙂 and for my family.

see her reaction here!

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We Lost a Groomsman?


So I am a little frustrated this morning….

For the last 2 weeks, my fiance and I have been trying desperately to get one of the groomsmen to talk to us about his suit. We shall call him “Bill.” When Edward lived in Arizona he had met Bill through a friend. Bill’s parents are wealthy. They own a US trucking company and are from Korea. Bill grew up around a lot of intelligent wealthy people, which gave him a headstart as a business entrepreneur himself. Both my fiance and Bill shared this passion for business. They would meet at a Starbucks and talk about business tactics and ideas late into the night. We’ve always loved Edward’s friend Bill, so when Edward proposed, we knew we had to ask him to be a groomsman.

When Edward asked him to be a groomsman he said, “Yeah… haha sure” …. Which we thought was strange. The other groomsmen were so honored and excited to be in the wedding…. hmm but not Bill. We excused it…

Fast forward 2 months. The United States starts going INSANE with presidential political drama. I know I have only lived on this earth for 23 years… but I have never seen an election this dramatic in my whole life. Well, politics happens to be one of the many passions Edward and Bill share. I personally, refuse to discuss any politics on this blog. I will say ONLY that ‘Edward and Bill differed on opinion.’ Both Bill and Edward debated the subject passionately against each other…. Edward says he tried to leave the conversation good every time they had a debate…. but it seems… Bill has fallen away from us.

We keep trying to ask him about his suit… he won’t answer..  It has been days. Facebook tells me he has seen the messages. So, today I had to send the final message “haha I am just going to assume you are out of the wedding then? and that you want to be out. -K thnx” It sucks.. but OH WELL hahaha .. we have another friend in mind who will hopefully going the wedding party on short notice.

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DIY Wall Art 

These are some DIY projects I have created for my living room. It’s super easy to make your own artwork for your home. And don’t worry ….you don’t have to be Monet or Picasso! 🙂 I find, that when you use a clean matte and frame, you can make just about anything look polished and professional. My frames (mattes included) were only $12 on sale at Michaels.

Pressed plant artwork is simple and beautiful. Pressed plants bring outside…. Inside and can really add class to a room. Last fall I went out to the garden and picked the prettiest flowers, weeds, and ferns I could find. I then pressed the plants under a stack of heavy books. After a couple of days the plants were dried, pressed, and ready to be framed. You will want to cut a piece of paper to the size your matte and frame require. I chose watercolor paper. With some elmers glue and a paint brush, I lightly painted glue on the areas my plant would be resting on. I Gently placed my plants on the glue, let dry, and…. Voilà! Beautiful art to add to your gallery.

My white framed painting is also a really simple and fun to make! I busted out my water colors and water color paper and got creative. Simply chose 1 color in 3 different gradient shades. (ex. Dark blue, medium blue, light blue) I blended all my colors up, and created this fun wall hanging for the bathroom. 🙂

So, don’t let money get in your way! If you see something you like…. Create it! Get your DIY game strong. 🙂 have fun! Send me photos if you make these for your home. I’d love to see them.

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DIY Wedding Favors


Hello, my wicked awesome internet buddies! 🙂

I thought I would lay off the house stuff for a while, and really hunker down on the wedding stuff! Man, I can’t believe in only 6 months I am marrying my best friend/soulmate!!!! Well, a few weeks ago I was able to announce to you guys that I had the wedding favors “Figured out” hahaha. I have finally just now begun creating them.

I bought these cute mini paper bags online for only $6 at a quantity of 100… which is great because now I can spend the money where it counts… the yummy candies and nuts that go inside the favor bag. 🙂 As you can see above I was inspired by a post I found on Pinterest (image on right.) I have made some changes to the original design. My favors will be lined with white tissue paper inside and embellished with a cute little sticker. 🙂  I was able to buy 120 Quantity/color/1.5″ round stickers for only $17 from Vista Print. I really love this favor idea…. However, it is going to take a lot of work to finished all 114 of them. So if you decide you want to do these for your wedding too, I suggest starting DIY construction way before the wedding day. I will keep you all posted on their progress.

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Women will be Women

person-691357_1280I think we have all felt alone at certain times. It’s nice to have a best friend! Being surrounded by friends and family is so healthy…. except when it’s unhealthy. It seems sometimes like we women are constantly competing with each other. Competing to prove that we can do it all, and have it all. I find myself getting caught up in that mindset all the time….. it’s exhausting.

I have seen how that competitive attitude can destroy a life. A woman I know, Jessica. Spent every dime she had, just to prove that she was… Something. Something valuable. She had the big ticket items, the big car, the giver of many gifts…. only to be left with nothing but heaps of debt in the end, and no one by her side. The worst part is that people scoffed her for trying to even pretend she had money. Saying things like “She had it coming… Who was she kidding… What a fool”… Even I got caught up in it… Which is something I am really ashamed of. It’s like a sickness. It can be hard to “not care what other people are doing” these days with social media. We are displaying all the good…. and none of the bad. None of the truth. And if social media isn’t bothering you.. it might be a passive aggressive comment from an aunt or lady friend… WOMEN, we need to stop doing this to each other. We need to stop comparing. Everyone is important no matter their status, no matter their possessions, no matter what their body looks like. It is so hurtful, not only to the person you are cutting down but to yourself. Putting someone else down doesn’t make you look better, it only exposes your true insecurities.

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7 Things To Know Before Buying A Home


Recently my fiance and I bought our first house ever. This was an extremely stressful, heart-wrenching, exciting, overwhelming, and fun experience. I am by no means an expert on buying homes…. I have, however, created this small list of things I wish I knew before we started the home buying process. Hopefully, this list helps you too! 🙂

1. You will need all important documents from the last 3 years.

This may sound like an exaggeration…. it’s not. We needed SO much information about our taxes and our job history. I suggest buying a file box if you haven’t already bought one. You should have everything neatly in order so that your documents are easy to pull when needed. Also, buy a small portable accordion file that you can carry your documents in when you need to bring them to meetings. We had to re-scan the same docs and send them to 3,000,000 different people throughout the entire process. Speaking of scanning….. you will be doing a lot of that. If you are on the go during the day, or if you don’t own a scanner, I suggest using an app on your phone. I used the ‘Tiny Scanner’ app for Iphone.

2. Zillow is not a good resource.

When we first started looking at housing lists I got REALLY into it. I would see the listing and burn through it in under an hour. I felt as though I needed to be looking for houses 24/7. So, I downloaded the Zillow and Trulia app. I had comprised an enormous list, for my realtor, of houses we loved from Zillow. Only to find out that Zillow is not frequently updated. Most of the houses I found on the app were either sold, pending, or more expensive then Zillow listed it for. With that being said….. Zillow is still fun to look at, but take it with a grain of salt. If you see a home on Zillow you like, try to find the MLS number in the listings from your realtor… before falling in love.

3. Even though you put an offer on a house you like… you might not get it.

This was a tough lesson to learn. Sometimes a better offer is made on the house you love. Or the dreaded ‘Cash Offer Buyer’ sneaks in above your offer. We had put offers on 3 different places and didn’t end up getting any of them. This resulted in sleep lost and a break down cry in a mall parking lot. It started to feel like it was impossible to actually close on a house. Like somehow we weren’t going to be able to catch the perfect one. NOT TRUE…. leading into #4

4. New houses come on the market every day.

Never ever forget that new houses come on the market everyday. For every house you don’t get, another one you love will show up. Stay strong and stay vigilant. Check listings as often as possible. Don’t wait to have a walk through, if you see a house you like, call your realtor and get in to see the place that same day. No matter what happens, just know …. there’s more where that came from.

5. Pro/Con lists will help you make logical decisions… even when your brain feels numb.

When you are feeling overwhelmed and tired, it can be hard to make important logical decisions. Pro/Con lists really helped us through those tough times. Nothing is worse then being in-between two houses and unable to choose which one is the best choice, quickly. Trust your instinct. Listen to the little voice screaming the logical solution, even if you don’t want to hear it. Sit down and write realistic pros and cons. Don’t let little things like paint color, ugly appliances, or holes in the drywall turn you off. Little things can be fixed. Focus on issues like… Are there a lot of stairs? Will the space fit your furniture desires comfortably? Is there a public laundry? Or is there a private laundry? Are these amenities really worth the cost? Is the foundation solid?

6. The home buying process can take a long time.

Our entire home buying experience took from November 2015 until March 2016. We were lucky that it didn’t take a complete year. Because we were organized and dead serious, we found our place within 5 months. The closing process alone took 45 days. Keep that in mind if you are considering buying a home in the next year. It’s better to get the ball rolling now.

7. You will know it’s “The House” when you see it.

Don’t worry to much! We survived and so can you. Never lose hope and never settle for a house just because it’s a house. Keep going until you find the perfect one for you and your family… and fight for it.


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Picking Paint 

So while Edward has been working on the tub, painting has become my house task. I know we both really wanted to have our walls a neutral grey color. So I went to Home Depot and just chose a random grey from glidden…… I didn’t realize what I was getting myself into.

So, this glidden grey was called “North Beach.” From the swatch it looked super grey! I even painted a small patch on the wall. After deciding this was the color, I spent 3 days priming and painting a section of our house……… Only to come to the conclusion…… North Beach is blue!!!!!! I mean baby boy blue!!! Sometimes it looks grey in the shadows but in natural light it looks bright blue.

These pictures don’t even do it justice. You will have to trust me that this color is wicked blue hahaha.

So this time I decided to do some homework before just painting. I went on Pinterest and YouTube and found Benjamin Moore “Grey owl.” Everything said that this was in fact…… The best grey. Owl grey has an LRV of like 63% which is really good. That means the paint will make the room look brighter and bigger. Any LRV under 50% will darken the room and not reflect light.

I loveeeeeeee this color!! You need to get owl grey!!! It does have a greenish undertone color ..but it is very warm and neutral. Unlike the north beach shocking baby blue.

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Patching the Tub

Edward has been working really hard lately. Not only on the fixes the house needs but in school! Yesterday he passed his test for his gas fitter license!!!! I am so proud of his hard work 🙂 He was working during the day and going to school at night for 18 weeks.

Well besides being an awesome student, fiancé, and worker he has also been my mr fix it. If you remember the shower had a terrible hole in it. Well for the last week he has been working to patch the hole. He removed the pole, applied fiberglass and resin, and patched it all up. 🙂

He is now sanding the patch and plans to paint the whole tub so you can’t see that ugly yellow. I will post photos of the finished project!

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