The Disasters of a New Home 

Oh man hahaha so we love our new home! However, we have been discovering huge issues! 

Day 02 in our house. I was scrubbing everything! I had my cleaning kit and I was going room to room….. When I finally entered the upstairs bathroom to clean the shower. I was beginning to clean when I noticed something black behind the handle bar in the shower….. It was a gaping hole!! After a few minutes we found something online to patch it! ….. No big deal! 

  Fast forward to tonight…. I am cooking in my kitchen for the first time ever :,) I preheat the oven while cooking on the stove top….30 minutes later the oven has still not preheated! Oh no! Edward and I troubleshoot and decide to call the LG helpline.

 Edward begins to pull the oven from the wall and you hear “riiiiiipppp!” The laminate beside the stove peels up! Well we sigh and move on ….. After 20 minutes on the phone with LG we figure out that our stove elements are definitely broken. “Double sighhhhh”  but on the bright side Edward thinks he can order the parts and fix it himself!…. As we are still feeling positive and trying not to panic…. I see a huge scratch, that we made from moving the stove, on the brand new dishwasher!!!! “Noooooooooooo!! Not this too!!!” I moan  while shrinking to the ground. Edward approaches the scratch …..and begins to peel the exterior. Thank goodness! It was only a protective plastic cover 😂😂😂🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 we both just die laughing at how things spiraled so quickly. 

At the end of the day we love our house and we love that it’s not perfect. We just need to take it by the horns and show it who the boss is. You work for us now house! 

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