Women will be Women

person-691357_1280I think we have all felt alone at certain times. It’s nice to have a best friend! Being surrounded by friends and family is so healthy…. except when it’s unhealthy. It seems sometimes like we women are constantly competing with each other. Competing to prove that we can do it all, and have it all. I find myself getting caught up in that mindset all the time….. it’s exhausting.

I have seen how that competitive attitude can destroy a life. A woman I know, Jessica. Spent every dime she had, just to prove that she was… Something. Something valuable. She had the big ticket items, the big car, the giver of many gifts…. only to be left with nothing but heaps of debt in the end, and no one by her side. The worst part is that people scoffed her for trying to even pretend she had money. Saying things like “She had it coming… Who was she kidding… What a fool”… Even I got caught up in it… Which is something I am really ashamed of. It’s like a sickness. It can be hard to “not care what other people are doing” these days with social media. We are displaying all the good…. and none of the bad. None of the truth. And if social media isn’t bothering you.. it might be a passive aggressive comment from an aunt or lady friend… WOMEN, we need to stop doing this to each other. We need to stop comparing. Everyone is important no matter their status, no matter their possessions, no matter what their body looks like. It is so hurtful, not only to the person you are cutting down but to yourself. Putting someone else down doesn’t make you look better, it only exposes your true insecurities.

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