DIY Wall Art 

These are some DIY projects I have created for my living room. It’s super easy to make your own artwork for your home. And don’t worry ….you don’t have to be Monet or Picasso! 🙂 I find, that when you use a clean matte and frame, you can make just about anything look polished and professional. My frames (mattes included) were only $12 on sale at Michaels.

Pressed plant artwork is simple and beautiful. Pressed plants bring outside…. Inside and can really add class to a room. Last fall I went out to the garden and picked the prettiest flowers, weeds, and ferns I could find. I then pressed the plants under a stack of heavy books. After a couple of days the plants were dried, pressed, and ready to be framed. You will want to cut a piece of paper to the size your matte and frame require. I chose watercolor paper. With some elmers glue and a paint brush, I lightly painted glue on the areas my plant would be resting on. I Gently placed my plants on the glue, let dry, and…. Voilà! Beautiful art to add to your gallery.

My white framed painting is also a really simple and fun to make! I busted out my water colors and water color paper and got creative. Simply chose 1 color in 3 different gradient shades. (ex. Dark blue, medium blue, light blue) I blended all my colors up, and created this fun wall hanging for the bathroom. 🙂

So, don’t let money get in your way! If you see something you like…. Create it! Get your DIY game strong. 🙂 have fun! Send me photos if you make these for your home. I’d love to see them.

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