We Lost a Groomsman?


So I am a little frustrated this morning….

For the last 2 weeks, my fiance and I have been trying desperately to get one of the groomsmen to talk to us about his suit. We shall call him “Bill.” When Edward lived in Arizona he had met Bill through a friend. Bill’s parents are wealthy. They own a US trucking company and are from Korea. Bill grew up around a lot of intelligent wealthy people, which gave him a headstart as a business entrepreneur himself. Both my fiance and Bill shared this passion for business. They would meet at a Starbucks and talk about business tactics and ideas late into the night. We’ve always loved Edward’s friend Bill, so when Edward proposed, we knew we had to ask him to be a groomsman.

When Edward asked him to be a groomsman he said, “Yeah… haha sure” …. Which we thought was strange. The other groomsmen were so honored and excited to be in the wedding…. hmm but not Bill. We excused it…

Fast forward 2 months. The United States starts going INSANE with presidential political drama. I know I have only lived on this earth for 23 years… but I have never seen an election this dramatic in my whole life. Well, politics happens to be one of the many passions Edward and Bill share. I personally, refuse to discuss any politics on this blog. I will say ONLY that ‘Edward and Bill differed on opinion.’ Both Bill and Edward debated the subject passionately against each other…. Edward says he tried to leave the conversation good every time they had a debate…. but it seems… Bill has fallen away from us.

We keep trying to ask him about his suit… he won’t answer..  It has been days. Facebook tells me he has seen the messages. So, today I had to send the final message “haha I am just going to assume you are out of the wedding then? and that you want to be out. -K thnx” It sucks.. but OH WELL hahaha .. we have another friend in mind who will hopefully going the wedding party on short notice.

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2 Replies to “We Lost a Groomsman?”

  1. These things happen all the time, and usually over stupid stuff. My sister refused to show up for my wedding because at the time she wasn’t getting along with our mom, who did attend. Bill is likely to regret it if he misses out, but Edward and he can work that out after. Friendship ought to be a lot more important than voting preferences.

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