My Aunt is Coming


My beautiful aunt Donna is coming to New England!! 🙂 She arrives tomorrow. Donna will be staying at my parent’s house in Tony’s old bedroom (Tony is my older brother). Above is a picture of my awesome family (L-R, Grammie Wood, Mom, & Aunt Donna) at Ogunquit beach in Maine. I can’t wait to see them all together again. You see, the reason Donna is coming is to surprise my Grandmother. Gram has been performing in theatrical performances at her assisted living community. My mother and I have never missed a performance. Unfortunately, my aunt lives in Indiana and has been unable to attend any of her shows. So it will be really special and emotional to see the surprise for my grandmother. 🙂 I know Grammie will be so happy. She is giddy when my mother and I come, she will lose her mind when Donna shows up too. 🙂 This performance is rather special because Grammie has a rather large role in it.

I will record it for you all. 🙂 and for my family.

see her reaction here!

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