The Dramatic Interview


So …. I didn’t really tell you guys this…. because sometimes I don’t know who is reading… yah know? Well, I had an interview last Friday. It was at a local Theatre, they have connections to broadway, and it sounded like a great opportunity. I am a graphic designer. The beauty of being a graphic designer is that you can work pretty much anywhere. From the job description, I knew it was work that would be easy for me to handle. Basically creating posters, playbooks, banners, signs, flags, graphics and other such things. So, when I was emailed back for an interview I became wicked excited!  The interview was set for Friday.

Well, all last week I was suffering from the most extreme PMS I have experienced in years. I don’t know what happened this month, but it was extremely painful and emotional. I was having fits of anxiety. Needless to say, by Friday morning, I was terrified for my interview. Which is unusual for me. After being a designer for over 4 years now.. after countless interviews… I don’t really get that nervous anymore….

By 3:30 pm I was in my outfit, portfolio at the ready, and driving in my car. Everything was going fine. Edward was on the phone with me and I was driving around the city trying to find a parking spot. I eventually settled on a parking garage… I was getting really nervous… and I hit the curb with my car…. that was the limit for me… I literally was in tears. There I was in the car…  I just had enough … I realized that there were so many new changes in my life and I wasn’t allowing them to really sink in… I am going to miss my family when I move out in October.. my pet bird is really sick.. my fiance and I just joined bank accounts … and here I was in a strange place for a strange interview… So much change and the whole time I was walking around pretending that it wasn’t affecting me.

After getting it together hahah… (good thing I left an hour early *you should always do that*) I went inside the box office of the beautiful historical theatre. Where I was met by a wonderfully excitable older gentleman. He was theatrical in his every movement, and he made me feel extremely comfortable. He motioned me into a small back office filled with boxes and paperwork. 

“Sorry for the mess, we had an appreciation night last night.” He said to me while I sat myself in an office chair.

“Oh, it’s no problem at all,” I replied politely.

He continued on about the appreciation night. He spoke about the theatre and the office I would be working in. We continued to talk about my job history and my personal life. Everything was going great! I really felt like this was going to be the job for me!…. Until suddenly the door opened. In walked a rigid woman with pointed glasses and a pixie haircut. Immediately her body language sent chills through me. She sat down and fingered through my resume and portfolio.

“I don’t want to have to sit behind you and help you design. You’d BETTER really know these programs…. for real.” She threatened.

I was confused…. How can you sit there and skim my portfolio (Say you like my work) and still question if I know the programs? Clearly this woman has no idea how the programs work. She went on and on about how much work I will have, and closes her negative statement with…

“You will never be rich here…. But we have a lot of fun.” I was starting to imagine a grim work environment here.

“You see Katie… we will need some kind of verbal time commitment… we can’t seem to keep designers here for more than a year. Not necessarily 20 years… not even 10… but you know?…. more than 2.” The man added. At this point all the ghosts of the designers, who worked in this position previously, were SCREAMING at me to run out the door and not turn back. If your designers don’t stay for longer than a year…. it’s because of you, not because of them.

I left some time later…. This wasn’t “it” for me. So, I turned down the second interview offer. This position might be something “cool” for someone with a little less financial pressure. Those interviewers made my current job look like the best job ever hahaha. Oh well 🙂 … Guess we will have to see where life leads us.

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