Wedding Invites


These are some of the wedding invites I have designed for our big day. Maybe I am boring hahah but I really just want it to be black and white. I have shown these invites to my bridesmaids, mother, and future husband. Everyone is kind of between the two on the left side. I keep going back and forth on which one I want. I am leaning more towards the top left. What is your favorite?? 🙂

After we have chosen the invite I will be designing a few more things to go inside the envelope. It will need a RSVP card, Reception Invite, and a small card about the live feed we will have of the whole wedding for the people who can’t make it. Maybe I will post the videos to my ‘videos tab’ so you guys can watch the wedding too! Is that something you would want to see??? 🙂

Anyways I will post the entire wedding invite spread when I have completed it. I will keep you all posted of course on any and all DIY’s involved ❤

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Bridal Shower Plans


img_6410I am so freaking excited to have my bridal shower! It will be July 16th 2016. The shower will be at my parent’s house but I have a lot planned for it. As you can see I have been on Pinterest a lot hahaha. Well, I really want to make a DIY flower crown for myself… I have never worn one… and they are SO PRETTY. So, I might as well take advantage of this opportunity. You are only a bride once! 🙂 My maids will have embarrassing sashes to wear too hahaha. 🙂

Other than those things the rest of the shower is kind of up in the air. I would love to do all the things I see on Pinterest. However, I am not a Kardashian haha. Money does run out. So I will be turning to my creative side once again. Time to DIY till I drop. I know for sure how I want the ‘chair stadium’ to be set up and where. I also know I want to make a lemonade and those cute nail polish favors.

When I start crafting for the shower I will be sure to post all my DIY’s for you guys. ❤

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Bethany’s Prom 

Bethany’s Prom was last Friday 5.20.16. How beautiful is this grown woman! I am so proud of my little cousin. Honestly, out of everyone in my family I see myself in her the most. She was never a great student… But she was always a celebrated artist. Bethany creates beautiful metal jewelry. She used to be very timid… but this is no timid woman I see today. She was standing tall and proud in her prom photos with her best friend. No matter what, this girl will always have a main vein connected to my heart. I will do anything for her.

I was honored when she asked me to do her hair and makeup for her prom. It wasn’t hard to make someone who is already beautiful (inside and out) look beautiful 🙂 I can’t wait to see what lies ahead in her bright future.

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ARVR, Chapter 1

I just want to take a moment and say how proud I am of my Edward. He has been working every night after work. A couple nights out of the week he goes to entrepreneur and business meet up groups! Edward has brought in four new design clients for us! He has also prepared a graphic design proposal and contract form. Which was something we were dreading to do. I am so so so proud of him.

We have a logo, a Tshirt design, a digital invoice, and a Weebly website landing page to work on. 🙂 Not such a bad start for Chapter 1 right? We have already had another person contact us wanting work done. Word of mouth is really carrying us far right now. While small clients are wonderful and fun, my goal is to get us at least 3 or 2 large contracts. That way we will have less work, and clients, with more money income.

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The Last One Left


Well… I am officially the last one left at my job. My office consisted of my boss Jon, me, and my awesome co-worker Greg. Greg, was a super cool dude! He was 30-36 years old, a father of 2, a photographer, a web designer, and a really encouraging co-worker. He was always pushing me to leave and find a better job… but it hasn’t been that easy lol. Greg, was there to stand up for me when my boss was being a jerk and what not… But our work cut his hours.. for the sake of his family he had to go find a new job as soon as possible. His new job is AMAZING. I am really happy for him to go somewhere nourishing and stable for his family…. but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to having ‘sour grapes’ lol. His job is literally everything I have ever wanted in a job. If I could find a job like that I would be so happy too. 🙂 Today was his last day… we will miss him for sure..

You know that feeling when your friends leave.. and you have to stay… in that shitty place you both hated hahaha that’s kinda what I have right now. I wish to death that I could just leave… like say “fuck it. I quit.” hahah but I can’t! We have a house. We have responsibilities we care about. The life my fiance and I share is literally everything to me. I love him so much. I would do ANY job so long as it means I get to come home to him. 🙂 I will just have to grow up… be an adult… and find that dream job…. OR create that dream job through ARVR… or BOTH 😉

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The Rivera’s 

How cute is this picture?? This is Edward as a baby circa 1988!! That is his mother and father :)…. also HOW grumpy does he look hahaha…

I have not yet met any member of Edward’s family in person… Which makes me sad. The circumstances are tough because of the AZ distance. We are doing what we can to get his whole family here for the wedding.

Edward’s mother and father have not always been in his life. He had a tough time growing up. I don’t really want to get into all of the history of the family because of how personal it really is. Just know that Edward’s parents were very young when they had him. A baby/marriage is not easy on any teenager… All is good now though 🙂 they are both in constant contact with Edward. He loves them so much. I can’t wait to meet them myself…. I hope they like me.

I can’t wait to see the other side of my future children. This family will also now be my family.

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Life As Normal 

Hey, you guys!! 🙂

I missed you all so much! I hope you all have been doing wonderful :)! I see some of you on Instagram now. Which is AWESOME 🙂

I just wanted to fill you in on the everyday life situation. Everything has really started to calm down. We desperately needed it to. Edward and I have started to make this house our own. Painting an old table to be new, setting up our GYM equipment in the garage, fixing up the foyer, and enjoying the warm New England weather. The house is starting to really feel like “home.” It is hard to leave it some nights. (I am not going to live there until we are married. For those of you just tuning in)

We have been taking every chance we can get to relax, not leave the house, and enjoy what we have. We are really truly blessed. Thank you God ❤ I have been working on the wedding still. While I think eventually every wedding has a “dormant season” we are almost out of it. We have about 6-5 months left until the big ‘I do’ 🙂 ….. I will talk more about the wedding plans soon.

If you like anything you see and would like to know where I bought it, or how I made it, leave a comment!

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70 Days of Hand Lettering Challenge


So, to go along with the last post about ARVR I have decided to do a 70 day challenge! This challenge will be 70 days of hand lettering. Not to be confused with “handwriting.” Hand lettering is the art of drawing letters. Every day I will attempt to draw something new, original, and fun. 🙂 I used to be very well practiced in drawing, typography, and painting… I am, however, PRETTY rusty these days hahah. It will be really cool to see how my hand lettering evolves over the 70 days.

I won’t annoy you guys with posting each day. I will, however, be posting my work on my Instagram account katieruiz94 🙂 so go follow my Instagram if you want to see what I come up with. If you are not an “instagramer” I will be doing an occasional post about the challenge as I go along.

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All Things ARVR

Lately, Edward and I have been doing a lot of research for our Graphic Design business. With the wedding being dormant, the house being complete, and life slowing down we finally have time to start our dream. Every day, at work, I have been listening to Graphic Designers online. One of my huge goals is to better myself at lettering, logo design, UX, photography, and just generally learning new aspects of design. I also plan on taking some UX (User Experience) classes at night …. if not this year… then next. Every day after work we go home and I practice design while Edward furthers his business knowledge… we are sick of working for other people… I hope in the future I can come back here and tell you we both quit our jobs and are working full time for ARVR.

I have found that communicating with other designers has re-lit my design flame… I am SO READY to do this 🙂 The next big step is to perfect the contracts, print our business cards, and go to several networking meetups. 🙂 maybe even as soon as this weekend.

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