70 Days of Hand Lettering Challenge


So, to go along with the last post about ARVR I have decided to do a 70 day challenge! This challenge will be 70 days of hand lettering. Not to be confused with “handwriting.” Hand lettering is the art of drawing letters. Every day I will attempt to draw something new, original, and fun. 🙂 I used to be very well practiced in drawing, typography, and painting… I am, however, PRETTY rusty these days hahah. It will be really cool to see how my hand lettering evolves over the 70 days.

I won’t annoy you guys with posting each day. I will, however, be posting my work on my Instagram account katieruiz94 🙂 so go follow my Instagram if you want to see what I come up with. If you are not an “instagramer” I will be doing an occasional post about the challenge as I go along.

Click the follow button, on your right, to see what happens next xoxo. -Kate

Twitter: @k8_rivera | Instagram: k8_rivera


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