All Things ARVR

Lately, Edward and I have been doing a lot of research for our Graphic Design business. With the wedding being dormant, the house being complete, and life slowing down we finally have time to start our dream. Every day, at work, I have been listening to Graphic Designers online. One of my huge goals is to better myself at lettering, logo design, UX, photography, and just generally learning new aspects of design. I also plan on taking some UX (User Experience) classes at night …. if not this year… then next. Every day after work we go home and I practice design while Edward furthers his business knowledge… we are sick of working for other people… I hope in the future I can come back here and tell you we both quit our jobs and are working full time for ARVR.

I have found that communicating with other designers has re-lit my design flame… I am SO READY to do this 🙂 The next big step is to perfect the contracts, print our business cards, and go to several networking meetups. 🙂 maybe even as soon as this weekend.

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