Life As Normal 

Hey, you guys!! 🙂

I missed you all so much! I hope you all have been doing wonderful :)! I see some of you on Instagram now. Which is AWESOME 🙂

I just wanted to fill you in on the everyday life situation. Everything has really started to calm down. We desperately needed it to. Edward and I have started to make this house our own. Painting an old table to be new, setting up our GYM equipment in the garage, fixing up the foyer, and enjoying the warm New England weather. The house is starting to really feel like “home.” It is hard to leave it some nights. (I am not going to live there until we are married. For those of you just tuning in)

We have been taking every chance we can get to relax, not leave the house, and enjoy what we have. We are really truly blessed. Thank you God ❤ I have been working on the wedding still. While I think eventually every wedding has a “dormant season” we are almost out of it. We have about 6-5 months left until the big ‘I do’ 🙂 ….. I will talk more about the wedding plans soon.

If you like anything you see and would like to know where I bought it, or how I made it, leave a comment!

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