ARVR, Chapter 1

I just want to take a moment and say how proud I am of my Edward. He has been working every night after work. A couple nights out of the week he goes to entrepreneur and business meet up groups! Edward has brought in four new design clients for us! He has also prepared a graphic design proposal and contract form. Which was something we were dreading to do. I am so so so proud of him.

We have a logo, a Tshirt design, a digital invoice, and a Weebly website landing page to work on. 🙂 Not such a bad start for Chapter 1 right? We have already had another person contact us wanting work done. Word of mouth is really carrying us far right now. While small clients are wonderful and fun, my goal is to get us at least 3 or 2 large contracts. That way we will have less work, and clients, with more money income.

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Twitter: @katieruiz94 | Instagram: katieruiz94

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