Bridal Shower Plans


img_6410I am so freaking excited to have my bridal shower! It will be July 16th 2016. The shower will be at my parent’s house but I have a lot planned for it. As you can see I have been on Pinterest a lot hahaha. Well, I really want to make a DIY flower crown for myself… I have never worn one… and they are SO PRETTY. So, I might as well take advantage of this opportunity. You are only a bride once! 🙂 My maids will have embarrassing sashes to wear too hahaha. 🙂

Other than those things the rest of the shower is kind of up in the air. I would love to do all the things I see on Pinterest. However, I am not a Kardashian haha. Money does run out. So I will be turning to my creative side once again. Time to DIY till I drop. I know for sure how I want the ‘chair stadium’ to be set up and where. I also know I want to make a lemonade and those cute nail polish favors.

When I start crafting for the shower I will be sure to post all my DIY’s for you guys. ❤

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