Wedding Invites


These are some of the wedding invites I have designed for our big day. Maybe I am boring hahah but I really just want it to be black and white. I have shown these invites to my bridesmaids, mother, and future husband. Everyone is kind of between the two on the left side. I keep going back and forth on which one I want. I am leaning more towards the top left. What is your favorite?? 🙂

After we have chosen the invite I will be designing a few more things to go inside the envelope. It will need a RSVP card, Reception Invite, and a small card about the live feed we will have of the whole wedding for the people who can’t make it. Maybe I will post the videos to my ‘videos tab’ so you guys can watch the wedding too! Is that something you would want to see??? 🙂

Anyways I will post the entire wedding invite spread when I have completed it. I will keep you all posted of course on any and all DIY’s involved ❤

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