Walk in the Park

IMG_6888Edward and I have been going to the city park after work almost every day. Although I don’t live at the house yet with him, I usually go straight to the city after work to be at my house. We are not soccer players hahah we kinda suck… but it’s fun to kick around the ball to each other anyways! It’s awesome exercise and it’s so damn funny to watch the other person try and stop a hard kick.

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DIY Donut Pillow


How freaking cute is this pillow!!!!!!!! I have been wanting to post a photo of it to Instagram so badly hahah. I can’t because I made the smaller one for my best friend. It is a surprise because she was telling me how much she has been loving donuts. Anyways I thought I would share how I made this adorable guy. I wanted the huge donut to lean against, lay on the floor with, or even rest my laptop on in bed.

I bought everything at Jo-Ann’s Fabric (Make sure you check for coupons because they usually have them.) Also, I am a penny pinching millennial DIY-er who cannot yet afford a sewing machine. So! If you are like me you can create this whole pillow with a hand stitch and a glue gun.

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A Day at the Beach


We were finally able to make it to the beach on a sunny day! Usually, when we try to go to the beach its like ….raining hahah. We spent a little more money than we should have… But sometimes it’s ok to spend money when you work all the time. Edward was gone for a long week and we really needed a mini day-cation. The sun was so warm. We sat on our beach chairs and watched the sun go down together. Nothing is more romantic than a day at the beach.

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1 Week of Friends


So last week Edward had to travel to Virginia for work. He was gone all week… I was so sad hahah I can’t believe we used to be long distance for 3 years. Well, I decided to stay at our house the whole week instead of staying at my parent’s house. I will be living there with Edward in 4 months/2wks. So, I figured this would be an awesome opportunity to acclimate myself into living there. I planned the week out so that I would hang out with one of my friends almost every day and live like a cute little bachelorette!

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Foggy Hike

Last weekend Edward and I finally did our first hike of the year on our favorite mountain. It was so beautiful. We have never been able to do a hike on a foggy day before. There’s nothing like experiencing a mountain on a foggy day. We had been up Kearsarge before but we had never seen it like this… Fog rolled above the tree tops, slow, quiet, and in perfect peace. While the view from Kearsarge is heart-stopping…. that day we were happy not to see it. It made me think about life. Sometimes you want to worry about the “big picture of your life.” Because that is how we are taught to think. Thinking about the bigger picture too often can lead to negative thoughts like. “Where will I work in 2 years?” “I will wear this outfit when I am skinnier.” “I can’t wait till tomorrow. It will be such a better day then today.” No…. Every second is important. Every day you are alive is important. Just like how the view from the mountain is spectacular. However, you are looking past the flowers, birds, plants, rich earth and beautiful granite. You forget the beauty that is always there in front of you. It’s important to think about your future and your goals… but never let it consume you to the point where you forget about this moment right now.

Scroll to the bottom of this post to see the video I took from that day. Love you guys!

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Wedding Haul

Over the weekend, I started having a panic attack because there are only 4 months left until my wedding. I didn’t feel like we were prepared at all. So my mom came to the rescue and helped me create a list of things we still need for the wedding! It was really helpful to see it all on paper. 🙂

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