Busy Bride 

I met with my amazing maid of honor over the weekend. 🙂 We started to really turn up the wedding planning heat. I gave her a bag of favors that still needed to be painted gold and garnished with a sticker. I completed the other half last night myself 🙂

I am starting to kind of panic about the wedding. There is only 4 months left!! woohoo!! While that’s awesome…. I don’t feel like I am as prepared as I should be hahah. There are still many things to do. SO many things to buy!! I have come to the point where I can no long put focus on the bridal shower. I am now officially 100% focused on the wedding. Thank God for my mom and my maid of honor 🙂

All this stressing about the wedding made me remember! I still need to make a reception invitation! #stressed…. don’t even get me started about the dummy cake I need to make…. hahah I gotta go do more work…

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