DIY Flower Crown 

I did my research online and found out how to create this super easy… super adorable flower crown. It makes for a really cute accessory for a bridal shower, baby shower, or even a concert! Enjoy!

1. Supply List- Wrapped green wire, all your fake flowers, hot glue gun, floral arrangement green tape, and wire cutters.

2-3. Take your green ‘wrapped’ wire and form a circle shape that will fit your head. You can make this crown as thick, with wire, as you would like it to be. I preferred to use 2 separate pieces and wrap them around each other.

4-5. Use your floral tape to wrap any exposed pieces of wire that could poke your scalp. This tape is so weird haha, it looks like crape paper, and becomes sticky with the heat of your fingers. You almost have to “mold” the tape.

6-8. Use your wire cutters to cut the flowers you want. Include the leaves and stems for some extra green. If you don’t like the leaves, they are really easy to just pull right off. Evenly tape your clippings around your crown. Use at most 5.

9-12. Choose your second color of false flowers. Pull the heads off of the bouquet so that there are no stems or leaves. Hot glue the flower heads onto your crown until the crown has no open spaces. Feel free to add as many colors as you want of course! 🙂 And you are done!

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