Foggy Hike

Last weekend Edward and I finally did our first hike of the year on our favorite mountain. It was so beautiful. We have never been able to do a hike on a foggy day before. There’s nothing like experiencing a mountain on a foggy day. We had been up Kearsarge before but we had never seen it like this… Fog rolled above the tree tops, slow, quiet, and in perfect peace. While the view from Kearsarge is heart-stopping…. that day we were happy not to see it. It made me think about life. Sometimes you want to worry about the “big picture of your life.” Because that is how we are taught to think. Thinking about the bigger picture too often can lead to negative thoughts like. “Where will I work in 2 years?” “I will wear this outfit when I am skinnier.” “I can’t wait till tomorrow. It will be such a better day then today.” No…. Every second is important. Every day you are alive is important. Just like how the view from the mountain is spectacular. However, you are looking past the flowers, birds, plants, rich earth and beautiful granite. You forget the beauty that is always there in front of you. It’s important to think about your future and your goals… but never let it consume you to the point where you forget about this moment right now.

Scroll to the bottom of this post to see the video I took from that day. Love you guys!

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