1 Week of Friends


So last week Edward had to travel to Virginia for work. He was gone all week… I was so sad hahah I can’t believe we used to be long distance for 3 years. Well, I decided to stay at our house the whole week instead of staying at my parent’s house. I will be living there with Edward in 4 months/2wks. So, I figured this would be an awesome opportunity to acclimate myself into living there. I planned the week out so that I would hang out with one of my friends almost every day and live like a cute little bachelorette!

The week was going by really well! I missed Edward very much but it was so awesome to hang out with my friends. I am really #blessed to have so many best friends. We painted our nails, went to outlet malls, chatted the night away, and munched out on pretzels. One friend, however… blew me off again. I had even bought her pizza and a cake for her birthday. She left me waiting in my house for her to show up. I was really excited to finally be able to show the new house to her…. lol… she texted me she was running late. “Ok no problem!” I replied ….. 1 hr goes by.”On my way” she says…. 2.5hrs go by. At this point I changed into PJs because… wtf… she eventually calls me and says.

“Sorry I was getting ready and I forgot I had to take my sister to work at 9. If I leave for your house now I will have to leave again in half an hour.”

I was so mad. Why would she text me as though she was literally in the car driving???? I knew she was lying to me. This wasn’t the first time she fed me lies to prevent me from ‘getting angry.’ I guess she doesn’t know me well …. because lies make me pissed… I can’t be mad at the truth!! It would have been fine if she wanted to do something else that day instead. She knew, I knew, she was lying. I said nothing back on the phone. My silence said a lot more then I ever could. We had been planning this for a week. I know she was blowing me off to go clubbing with her cousin.

“Sorry for being a shitty friend… I know I have already blown you off before.” She said

“It’s ok…. I have to go.” I replied.

Luckily my best friend/maid of honor/sister was coming over too and she took me out to a local bar for drinks and a laugh….. I have so much pizza at the house now hahah and the cake is gross. hahah I just don’t like being made to feel like a fool. I think in the next few months I will be cutting off the friend who blew me off. We have known each other so long… and we have just grown into 2 totally different people. It’s all about her or nothing. I just don’t want that kind of negative energy in my life anymore. hahah I am happier without it.

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