A Day at the Beach


We were finally able to make it to the beach on a sunny day! Usually, when we try to go to the beach its like ….raining hahah. We spent a little more money than we should have… But sometimes it’s ok to spend money when you work all the time. Edward was gone for a long week and we really needed a mini day-cation. The sun was so warm. We sat on our beach chairs and watched the sun go down together. Nothing is more romantic than a day at the beach.

Life has been SO GOOD. I have been more creative since we bought the house. I think I feel more free in my life. I’ve been drawing more, sewing more, and constructing new things for the wedding. I have also decided that after the wedding I’d like to take a stab at learning the violin. I enjoy the sound of it so much! Being half Celtic I think it runs through my blood lol. (Celtic Fiddle at the end of the blog for your enjoyment 😉 )

Have a beautiful week! Face Monday fearlessly ❤

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