DIY Donut Pillow


How freaking cute is this pillow!!!!!!!! I have been wanting to post a photo of it to Instagram so badly hahah. I can’t because I made the smaller one for my best friend. It is a surprise because she was telling me how much she has been loving donuts. Anyways I thought I would share how I made this adorable guy. I wanted the huge donut to lean against, lay on the floor with, or even rest my laptop on in bed.

I bought everything at Jo-Ann’s Fabric (Make sure you check for coupons because they usually have them.) Also, I am a penny pinching millennial DIY-er who cannot yet afford a sewing machine. So! If you are like me you can create this whole pillow with a hand stitch and a glue gun.



Draw a circle on your donut fleece. Draw a smaller circle within your first circle. Cut everything out and trace your ‘circle cut’ to make another one the same size. These are the top and bottom pieces of your donut. Take the ‘circle cut’ out again and trace it one more time onto your frosting colored fleece. Cut your frosting to a fun shape that will fit within the donut. Put your ‘frosting cut’ aside for now. Take the 2 pieces of donut and flip them ugly side up. So when you stitch the outer edge of the donut, you can flip it inside out and have the beautiful clean side showing. I used the “Blanket Stitch” for my donut edge. You can use whatever stitch you are most comfortable with. Or, if you have a sewing machine that will make your life much easier. I personally enjoy sitting and sewing. Anyways, **DO NOT stitch the donut ‘hole circle’ yet.** Only stitch the outside rim of the donut and be sure to leave a “hand sized hole on the outer edge of your donut. After you have gone all the way around your donut, whilst leaving a hand size hole, reach your hand inside and pull it inside out. Now you have all of your ugly knots, stitching, and sharpie drawing lines inside your pillow instead of showing on the outside. Line up your Frosting with your donut skin. Sew all 3 layers together at the inner donut ‘hole circle.’ **Don’t worry about the edge of the frosting not being attached around the donut yet.** I found after all that stitching it was nice to take a break. I took the opportunity to start cutting out my sprinkles from the felt sheets. After your sprinkle break. Start stuffing your pillow! 🙂 when your pillow is full to capacity with stuffing stitch up your hand-sized hole. Now is the really fun part. Get your glue gun hot. Hot glue your frosting’s edge around the donut. I like to wait until the donut is stuffed to do this because it allows me to lay it perfectly flat. Next glue your sprinkles on in whatever way makes you happy…. BAM!!! a beautiful new donut pillow ❤ If you have any questions please comment! Enjoy everyone, it’s calorie free!

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