Walk in the Park

IMG_6888Edward and I have been going to the city park after work almost every day. Although I don’t live at the house yet with him, I usually go straight to the city after work to be at my house. We are not soccer players hahah we kinda suck… but it’s fun to kick around the ball to each other anyways! It’s awesome exercise and it’s so damn funny to watch the other person try and stop a hard kick.

It will be an adjustment for me to move to the city in October after we are married. I love our house so much… but it will take some time to get used to the loudness of the city-life. I am used to walking barefoot in my grassy backyard, Sounds of birds and bugs, and a good distance from my neighbors. Our townhouse is next to 3 other people. whose lives we are already becoming a part of whether we like it or not. Yesterday we left to go to the park and Edward accidentally locked the keys inside the house!!! Hahaha He had to jump across the porch from our neighbor’s balcony. SO AWKWARD hahahah!!! Our neighbor is a really nice old man… but he was all shirtless with his cat… poor guy… Check out the video of Edward jumping the balconies below.

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