I Lost My Job…

I never thought this would be the post I wrote after my bridal shower post…. But I guess life works that way huh? I received this text Sunday night after my bridal shower. I felt the bottom of my stomach drop out.. I mean Edward makes good money but… we need my paycheck… finding another design job doesn’t happen quickly. I am not sure why my work didn’t think about telling us earlier that we may be losing our jobs? I mean… you don’t just close a store without knowing months in advance.. talk about selfish..

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The Bridal Shower


The shower went really wonderfully! We had a few mishaps with that “awesome” canopy idea we had developed… hahah let’s just say it got a little windy. Do not fear! We got it under control just in time! Thank goodness for my maid of honor and best friend. 🙂 She is the raspberry haired beauty front and center. She helped out SO MUCH… 🙂

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Preparing For A Bridal Shower



Hey guys!! WOW, Saturday is my bridal shower. I can hardly believe it! I am so proud of my mom. She has made the house look so pretty. 🙂 Honestly, we have been working really hard together the last 2 days to collect everything we will need for the bridal shower. We have made some really awesome things for the party. Including this awesome canopy for the porch. I can’t wait to show you all how it looks when it is finished… and to tell you how much it cost us…. 😉 I will do a whole DIY blog post on it because, frankly, everyone needs to know how to create something this awesome for only $8.

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‘Challenge 55’ Save the Māui Dolphins


Hello everyone! This is a bit of a different tune for the BR blog but, it is very important that we have the conversation. I recently learned that the world’s smallest and cutest dolphin, the Māui dolphin, is close to permanent extinction…. This is heart breaking! Scientists estimate that there are just 55 Māui dolphins left alive so, it’s crucial that we all act together to save them. I created my own challenge 55 page on the WWF website. Any donation that you make to my fundraising page will go directly to WWF-New Zealand’s Māui dolphin campaign.

Katie’s Page: https://challenge55.everydayhero.com/nz/katie

more on the movement http://www.wwf.org.nz/maui_dolphin/
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DIY Yarn Art Wall Hanging


So, I have been seeing these a lot recently on Pinterest and I REALLY wanted one. The only problem? They are… upwards of $50…. sorry no hahah I can make that myself! So I did… 2 of them for $18 from Hobby Lobby! I actually hadn’t been thinking about it until recently. Edward found that thick branch, on the left, at the bottom of the waterfall we visited. I fell in love with how beautiful the piece of wood was. So, I wanted to incorporate it into our home decor. I really love having all of our decor hold meaning…. It’s easy to just go to TJmaxx and buy something cheap and cute. But you will never care about it like something that brings you a memory. Anyways, I am going to show you how I made mine! I hope you guys enjoy it.

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Wedding Invites Final Look 

Well, this is the official final look of the wedding invitations! I am really happy with how they turned out. It took a long time to design, print, and assemble them…. I am really glad to be done with them and to see them sent away haha. I know that you guys have been following the progress all along so, I wanted to make sure you saw the finished product.  Now, if only I can succeed at making the rest of the wedding come together nicely.

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Lactose intolerance, Future DIY’s, & Wedding update.


Man, I feel like I have been telling myself every day, “Katie go write a blog post!.” Things have just been so crazy. With the bridal shower and wedding approaching it’s hard to find time to breathe. I haven’t been really feeling so well either. I have recently come to the conclusion that I have a lactose intolerance. For a couple weeks I was in severe pain. I finally nailed the pain down to milk. For whatever reason, I am still ok to eat cheese though…. THANK GOD…. I love cheese so much. I’m really fine with not eating milk products because they have so many other options these days.

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