Lactose intolerance, Future DIY’s, & Wedding update.


Man, I feel like I have been telling myself every day, “Katie go write a blog post!.” Things have just been so crazy. With the bridal shower and wedding approaching it’s hard to find time to breathe. I haven’t been really feeling so well either. I have recently come to the conclusion that I have a lactose intolerance. For a couple weeks I was in severe pain. I finally nailed the pain down to milk. For whatever reason, I am still ok to eat cheese though…. THANK GOD…. I love cheese so much. I’m really fine with not eating milk products because they have so many other options these days.

I have always suffered from stomach pains… but now I have reached a new level of sensitive lol. I am taking this opportunity to really start eating better and caring about what I put in and ON my body. I have become obsessed with you tube star Ela Gale. She is a New Zealand vegan who makes all of her own products and food. Honestly, I would love to start moving towards that direction. After the wedding I am going to start putting my entire kit together. Just the idea of creating less waste, avoiding extra harmful chemicals, and eating cleaner sounds wonderful to me. I will keep you all posted. 🙂 You all know I love sharing DIY’s. So, I will share my homemade beauty products, food, and recipes.

The wedding stuff is coming along well. I think I am always going to feel like I am missing something lol. We ordered our rings on Etsy. They are gorgeous shiny sterling silver bands. I was also able to send out all of the invitations for the wedding!!!! I will do a separate post and show you how everything turned out. Also, I finally figured out what I am going to do for gifts for my bridesmaids. I’M OBSESSED. It was a DIY and it came out amazingly. However, I can’t do a post on here yet for them because I don’t want a bridesmaid to see it by chance. 🙂 I Love you all.

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