DIY Yarn Art Wall Hanging


So, I have been seeing these a lot recently on Pinterest and I REALLY wanted one. The only problem? They are… upwards of $50…. sorry no hahah I can make that myself! So I did… 2 of them for $18 from Hobby Lobby! I actually hadn’t been thinking about it until recently. Edward found that thick branch, on the left, at the bottom of the waterfall we visited. I fell in love with how beautiful the piece of wood was. So, I wanted to incorporate it into our home decor. I really love having all of our decor hold meaning…. It’s easy to just go to TJmaxx and buy something cheap and cute. But you will never care about it like something that brings you a memory. Anyways, I am going to show you how I made mine! I hope you guys enjoy it.

Here is what you will need:

  • A nice stick (or two if you are making more than one)
  • Scissors
  • Your choice in colored yarns
  • Your choice in beads (be sure the bead you choose has a large hole)



Pull your yarn to the length you would like your wall hanging to be. Fold that yarn over itself to double the length. Cut the yarn and use this to measure all your yarn cuts. If you are creating a pattern like I did make sure you are using even numbers of yarn colors across your piece. For example, I used: 14 knots of beige yarn on both sides, 20 knots of white yarn on both sides, and 4 knots *doubled yarn strand* of grey yarn dead center. Doing this will keep your artwork centered and even visually. Also keep in mind! To add some variety in textures by *doubling up on yarn strands* in certain areas. The solid dark grey chunky yarn hanging I made used 4 strands of yarn to each knot! It made for a deliciously chunky piece of art. Now that you have all of your yarn cuts ready to go, start lining them up and begin your knotting. Below, is a video of me doing the basic knot I used.

I also added variety and texture with double knotting some of my yarn. The beige yarn is knotted 2x, the white yarn has the basic knot, and the grey yarn has a quadruple knot! (4 knots.) Below is a video example of me creating the double knot.

After you have all of your yarn attached to your wood… the rest is up to you! 🙂 You can cut your yarn to the chevron shape like I did, cut it to angle, or even just leave the rough edge. I found with yarn art… imperfection makes it more beautiful! 🙂 So just have fun with it! I added a bead to the center of my piece. Then I tied some random knots throughout my piece to create more texture (because texture is my favorite!!) Enjoy!

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